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Jamie Campbell-Bower as Caius!

Caius has been cast! British actor Jamie Campbell-Bower will be playing Volturi leader Caius.  The 20-year-old, who has appeared in RockNRolla and Sweeney Todd, told the BBC news website that taking part in the vampire series was “very exciting”. “You’re the first people I’ve told” he said. “Shooting has already started, and I’m going over in June.” Campbell-Bower teased: “I do know who else will be in it - but I can’t tell you, unfortunately. “But go online and have a look at the rumours,” he said, then added: “They’re all false. You’re putting me in a terrible situation.” From BBC UK via New Moon Movie

Official New Moon Poster

Lookie here! It's the official poster for New Moon. Unfortunately, it's something we have seen before. It's the previously-released artwork, only it has been blown up into a poster-size image. From Collider, via Twicrack.

Megan Fox Uses Robert Pattinson to Make Brian Austin Green Jealous (WTF?)

Seems like Megan Fox was not in love with Rob, after all. Apparently Hollywood hottie Megan Fox was not really in love with British hunk Robert Pattinson. The "Transformers" starlet reportedly used the "Twilight" star to make her fiance Brian Austin Green jealous. Robert is rumored to have briefly romanced Megan during a break in her relationship with Brian. And the 22-year-old actor was reportedly shocked to learn that the 22-year-old actress had returned to her former fiance. "Robert was really smitten with Megan. They met up a few times at Palihouse Lounge in Hollywood and he was on Cloud Nine," reports the National Enquirer. But Megan was just using Robert to make Brian jealous, it has been claimed. Ya'll still liking her now? Source: Eparsa, via Twilight and Beyond

Taylor Lautner Accepts Twilight Kids Choice Award

Yay!! Twilight won the Favourtie Book award at last night's Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards 2009! Stephenie Meyer wasn't there to claim the prize, but Taylor Lautner was. Thanks to Twilight Lexicon.

Total OCD Case

Guess what I spotted in the April issue of Reader's Digest (Malaysia Edition). Some Twihard girl named bewitched wrote in. Just wanna share with you guys.. it looks interesting..seems like she has OCD. Obsessive Cullen Disorder.

Robert Pattinson Wants to “Shut Himself Away From Everybody”

Wow. Looks like our golden boy might be sick of all the paparazzi attention already... It seems that Rob wishes that he could be alone for now. Robert Pattinson says wishes he were able to be alone and private and not displayed in front of the world. The British actor, who shot to fame for playing vampire Edward Cullen in Twilight, says he would love to “shut himself away” from the world. “I like any job where you can just shut yourself away from everybody,” he says. Pattinson admits that’s why is so “obsessed” with composing music. Meanwhile, the 22-year-old is currently in Canada filming the Twilight sequel New Moon with co-stars Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Dakota Fanning. Report by TransWorldNews.

TBT Michael Welch interview

Touched by Twilight has an interview with Michael Welch. (BTW, he sports a new, rugged look...would Bella fall for this? Tee hee...) A snippet from the interview: The scene in the diner, with Mike dancing outside the window… improv or scripted? Were you encouraged to improve or did you have to stick straight to the script? There was a lot of improve in this film for the humans (Eric, Tyler, Angela, Jessica, and Me). Catherine didn’t really care whether dialogue or actions were improvised or scripted, or whether ideas came from her or the cast. Her priority was to create something real, empathetic, and entertaining for the audience. She always had respect for OUR role in the overall story, and our purpose in Bella’s life. And having made several movies on the subject, Catherine has a lot of experience in trying to capture the essence of teenagers. In the case of the diner, the process went like this… The script said something like, “Mike waves and calls out, trying to get Bella’s attention…

Team Switzerland Day: 27th March 2009

Ok, this was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I missed it. So, I'm posting it today. Twilight Lexicon is conducting a Team Switzerland project. For the Lexicon’s first Team Switzerland Project Day we will be looking at music that inspires Team Edward and Team Jacob to get along.  This song is from the new Blue October album Approaching Normal.  Blue Skies is a fantastic song that talks about leaving the past behind and moving into the future.   So for your participation in this project post about a song that you think represents Team Switzerland and could possible inspire Team Jacob and Team Edward to “just get along.”  The Lex has made every Friday, throughout the year, as Team Switzerland Day. They are inviting fans to submit their stuff to show how Team Edward and Team Jacob can get along. Interested? Send your submissions to  More info at Twilight Lexicon. Thanks, HGE!

The Wolves descends

OMG! Seems like both Edward AND Jacob might be in for a little competition.. Lainey Gossip spotted the guys who are playing the wolf pack out and about.  Wolf sighting in Vancouver yesterday. From left to right: Chaske Spencer (Sam), Alex Meraz (Paul), and Kiowa Gordon (Embry) looking all wolfy badass but also kinda virgin paparazzi adorable... Anyway, the wolves have been shooting with Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart all week. Robert Pattinson has stayed away from set. His scenes haven’t come up yet. Still training, still hiding. You’ve seen the emails I’ve been receiving. And Pina from yesterday isn’t even the craziest loser-ist of the all. Can you blame the boy for trying to disappear? They say he’s presenting tomorrow at Kids’ Choice. Rob on a red carpet. Don’t lie. I know you’ve been waiting all week for it! Woo! Bring on the wolves!! :D

Twilight Star Interviews

MTV interviewed Nikki Reed, on which she mentions that it was hard for her to pretend to hate her BFF KStew. "Rosalie feels really strongly about her hatred for Bella," grinned the 20-year-old Hollywood veteran, who returns to the set of "New Moon" this week to resume shooting the sequel. "It's bizarre. Obviously, we can do it because it is acting. But it is really funny." "Kristen's my best friend," she said. "I get to work on a set with really wonderful people and really creative people, and there are a million people in the world that have read this series and love the series. I get to be with my best friend. I can't think of anything better." Moviefone interviewed Rob, and Rob debunked some rumours. 1. I heard that you follow all the online gossip about yourself? I read that and thought it was such bullshit. I was like, "God, I sound like such a loser!" 2. So it's not true? Well, I do sometimes. I used to a lot m…

Exclusive: Set for Sam’s House Found?

New Moon Movie reports that the set for Sam's house (was it even in the book? Can't remember...) has been spotted. Is this the set for Sam’s house in New Moon? It might just be. The crew trucks definitely look similar to ones seen at the set for Jacob’s house.

Who wants a Twilight DVD?! [UPDATED]

Hey guys. Great news! I might just be able to get you a copy of the Twilight DVD, all thanks to Twilight Singapore. The Singaporean DVD has ALL the special features!! There are two versions. The first one: And the second one: **UPDATE** Special Features DISC  1 Standard - PAL Format - 16×9 Wide Screen Enabled (2.40:1 Ratio) Subtitles - English, Chinese Total Running Time - 116 minutes (approx) Interactive Menu Design with 24 Chapter Index Audio Commentary with Catherine Hardwicke, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart DISC 2 Standard - PAL Format - 16×9 Wide Screen Enabled Audio - English Dolby 2.0 Stereo Total Running Time - 150 minutes (approx) Interactive Menu Design Muse Performing “Supermassive Black Hole” “Decode” Music Video by Paramore “Leave Out All The Rest” Music Video by Linkin Park Extended Scenes Deleted Scenes The Adventure Begins: The Journey from Page to Screen The Comic-Con Phenomenon Theatrical Campaign A Conversation with Stephenie Meyer Music : The Heartbeat of Twilight Becoming Edward Becoming…

New Moon news [UPDATED]

Hey guys! How's your week? Sorry for lack of updates. So here's a new post on everything New Moon. Heidi has been casted! Sexy supermodel Noot Seear is reported to play the role of Heidi. E! reports: I can exclusively reveal that Canadian supermodel Noot Seear has won the coveted role of the beautiful human bait in the Twilight sequel. Heidi is described in Stephenie Meyer's novel as a "fisher" who brings humans to the Volturi vampires to eat. She has "exceptional, unforgettable" beauty, which includes stunning legs, long hair and violet eyes. If y'all remember, 90210 starlet AnnaLynne McCord auditioned for the role, which insiders have described to me as being more of a cameo than anything else. So who is this Noot Seear? The 25-year-old dark blond stunner hails from Vancouver, Canada. (Yup, that's where director Chris Weitz just started shooting New Moon). She's 5 feet 9 inches tall and has blue eyes, according to her agency, One Model Manag…

New Moon Filming in Montepulciano, Italy May 25-30 [UPDATED]

Straight from New Moon Movie: New Moon will be filming in Montepulciano, Italy from May 25th till May 30th, if a post on the official Italian Twilight fan site is to be believed. The site is in Italian, but essentially the post says that they were contacted by the Montepulciano tourism board confirming the news in order to organize all the Italian fans that will be swarming the production. Here's the original post at Twilighters Italia. Twilight Lexicon now reports that this is just a rumour. Just want to you to know that the Eagle Picture’s Official Twilight WebSite today indicated that they talked with the Municipality of Montepulciano, which denied the rumor that New Moon would be shot in town during the period from 25th to 30th of May. (They denied the timeframe, not the fact that Montepulciano will host the shooting). Here’s the text in Italian written by Eagle Pictures: “Dobbiamo invece darvi una brutta notizia: la Pro Loco di Montepulciano ci ha scritto comunicandoci che l’ammin…

Twilight books in trouble?

It seems like one book in the Twilight saga is in trouble. Breaking Dawn is missing from the shelves of Brockbank Junior High, in Salt Lake City.  Stephenie Meyer's popular Twilight series chronicling the romance of a vampire and teenage girl is notoriously all build-up, no bite. But a parent's complaint over sexual content in the Mormon author's fourth novel, Breaking Dawn, coincided with the book's temporary absence from the library at Brockbank Junior High. Officials at the Magna school purchased copies of the book some time ago, but as of Wednesday hadn't placed them on library shelves. Principal Terri Van Winkle would not say whether the delay stemmed from a parent's complaint about a honeymoon scene in which sex is implied between the central characters Bella and Edward. But Granite School District officials confirm a complaint was voiced. Here's something fun. The Seattle Times has an interesting article on the debacle between Harry Pottter fans and Tw…

New Moon Quickies

New Moon updates!!! Lainey Gossip has been the go-to site for updates on New Moon. The site has reports that the production has started, beginning with the cliff diving scene! Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart were in Tofino, British Columbia yesterday, shooting around South Beach and the Wickaninnish Inn. More of that is happening today. Rachelle Lefevre is said to be around too. Cliff diving, near drowning, and rescue…or something.  Also, it seems that while everyone was out of Vancouver right after pre-production wrapped up, Rob stayed back. All week Rob Pattinson has been in Vancouver. He arrived via private on Sunday and had more makeup testing to do – something wasn’t quite right last week so they brought him back to tweak. Since the schedule changed, they decided that while he’s in town, they could start training him. Yes ladies. He’s training. He’s sweating. He’s working on that body. Or let that be your fantasy. Am told it’s primarily stunts.  Last night he was out for dinner. Was…

Casting for Wolf Pack announced

The official cast list for the New Moon wolf pack has been released! Pictured clockwise from lower left are: Alex Meraz as Paul Tinsel Korey as Emily Young Chaske Spencer as Sam Uley Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black Tyson Houseman as Quil Ateara Bronson Pelletier as Jared Kiowa Gordon as Embry Call Thanks to New Moon Movie.

Twilight DVD is here!

Hey guys!! The Twilight DVD is here! So far, it is sold exclusively at Times Bookstore. They're offering a Twilight poster, a bookmark, and 20% discount voucher. No news yet for other retail outlets. I'll keep you posted. Now, lets go on to reviews! The reviews for the Twilight Blu-ray DVD seems to be a positive one... KATU The HD Room Home Cinema Choice

Twilight in Japanese

There is a chance that Twilight might end up adapted as a Japanese anime series! WorstPreviews reports that a commentary track on the Twilight DVD has Catherine Hardwicke mentioning, "Hey, I think there's going to be an anime version of this in Japan."   Twilight Singapore has awesome photos of the Japanese version of the Twilight novels! (Thanks, Maria!)

New Moon in Malaysia:27th November 2009!!!

Malaysians, rejoice!!!! Cinema Online has confirmed that we will be graced with the presence of Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, and Jacob Black in November. New Moon now has a tentative release date, 27th November 2009, the same date of the release of Twilight exactly a year ago!! ' (Tayangan Unggul) has assured Malaysian fans that the sequel to the phenomenal vampire romance epic "Twilight" has been guaranteed for this territory, with a tentative release date of 27 November 2009.' Check out the movie's profile page and a forum topic on CO.

Kristen talks about New Moon

At a recent press junket for Adventureland, The LA Times talked to Kristen Stewart about New Moon. Is she excited about going back to that world? "I'm looking forward to all of the new aspects of the movie," she says. In some respects, Stewart found more to work with in the second book. "The first one was good because it was ultimate love, and abandon, and that’s good but it's kind of one-note." Now Bella is growing up. "She’s getting older," Stewart says. "Over the course of these four movies, she has to become a formidable partner, because in the end, and I don't think I'm ruining anything here, they end up together. And in the first one, he’s very much a man and she’s very much a child and she has to become more of a formidable partner." And about her new buff Jacob, she admits that those new muscles are pretty hot. "He’s Jack. It's crazy.He did some serious gym time. He’s an entirely different person physically," she …

New Moon may be filmed in Montepulciano, Italy

They are new rumours that New Moon will not be shot in Volterra, but instead in another Italian city, called Montepulciano. Wha? 2 readers posted on Twicrack: Valdemar303 said: they say that New Moon won't be shot in Volterra but in Montepulciano because the locations are "more beautiful for the movie" the source is the official italian fanclub of the twilight saga. They took the news from Piera Detassis, the director of the main movie magazine in Italy. she was at dinner with the producers of the movie when the bomb was dropped! Olguita also says: "At lunch in Los Angeles with one of the producers of Summit Entertainment, responsible for, and now Twilight, New Moon, the continuation of the saga is from the books of Stephenie Meyer, the bomb explodes: Despite ads, previews and generous offers of all sorts from part of the Mayor and the City, the vampire sequel will not be filmed in Volterra, where the novel takes place, but in Montepulciano, where the troupe has found the…

Happy Birthday, Kellan Lutz!!

Our fave Twiguy big brother, Kellan Lutz is celebrating his birthday today!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KELLAN!! Kellan was spotted celebrating his birthday with fellow Twilight cast Edi Gathegi (Happy Belated Brithday, Edi!) at Prive, Las Vegas. Thanks to Kellan Lutz Online.

Twilight Italia's Volterra Special

Twilight Italia is currently trying their best to persuade Summit to film. There has been news that New Moon might not be filmed in Volterra!! OMG! So, they made 3 videos to illustrate why it's vital for them to shoot New Moon there. Check out an accompanying article. Aslo, they have set up a petition to film New Moonin the Italitan city!! Sign it here!

Quickies: 14 March 2009

A new edition of Quickies! New Moon set photos are here! Thanks to Spoiler TV.  Also, has Jacob's Rabbit been chosen? Check that out and even more set sightings at New Moon Movie. Now that pre-production is done for New Moon, the stars are out of Vancouver. Nikki Reed says she's so proud of Taylor Lautner for getting the role of Jacob. Turns out, Summit didn't really hire director Juan Antonio Bayona for Eclipse... yet... BuddyTV gives 10 ways to make New Moon an awesome movie. Just Jared Jr. caught Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone out for a coffee break.

GQ: Rob Pattinson

Robsessed people!!! Here's another reason for you to go magazine hunting!!  Rob is on the April issue of men's magazine GQ, looking very sexy... Here's a sneak peek of the interview. He slides into his chair, dressed all in black, with a weeks-old beard, hair crammed under a wool cap, looking like Justin Timberlake researching an off-Broadway turn as Terry Malloy. His clothes smell like he has recently purchased them off the back of someone less fortunate than he. He’s just come from a big-time meeting with a director and can’t wait to tell us how weird it was. Some guy offering him a part, maybe, in a movie so double top secret he couldn’t tell Pattinson what it was about. “He wouldn’t say anything,” Pattinson says, “and he also wouldn’t leave,” so Pattinson sat there and talked about himself for three hours and drank enough coffee to make a rhino’s heart explode. “God, I don’t remember the last time I ate,” Pattinson says. Here is what Pattinson says about getting the part of…

Quickies: 12 March

New stuff! Lainey Gossip has more shots of the Twilight cast hanging out in Vancouver. Nikki Reed hung out with Kristen Stewart, while Rob went to grab his morning coffee. Other stars of which was spotted are Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Greene, Elizabeth Reaser, and Rachelle Levefre. Popwatch on EW gives reasons why the deleted scenes on the Twilight DVD was rightfully cut. Variety reports that Eclipse has found a director! It's Juan Antonio Bayona, director of The Orphanage. Nikki Reed tells MTV that she's not gonna dye her hair for New Moon. Instead, she's going with.. uhh... wigs.

Quickies Extended: 11 March 2009

Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of update these past few days. So here's an extended edition of Quickies. First up, cast news. Yay! The Twilight cast is now in Vancouver! Lainey Gossip has a list of where the cast have been spotted! The site also has photos of Taylor spotted at Starbucks, and Rob, also in Vancouver.. Just Jared has photos of Taylor Lautner driving around on a dirt bike. Yum... Up on E!, Taylor tells Rob's fans 'don't hate on me too much'.  I.Are.Talk has a post about the possibility of Megan Fox and Rob getting together!! Ack! Twicrack posted up photos of Rob in Vancouver as well. MTV interviewed Kristen Stewart. Also, other Twilight-related news. Reelz Channel has a list of the Top 5 Extras The Fansites Wants to See on the Twilight DVD. The deluxe edition of the Twilight soundtrack CD/DVD has been announced! Check out a preview! USA Today reports that Twilight made good by boosting the sales for the supernatural genre. Drew Barrymore says she would love to direct…

Access Hollywood interview with Nikki Reed and Rachelle Lefevre

Access Hollywood Third “Twilight” deleted scene “Edward's Bedroom Surprise”

Thanks, Rachel!

Quickies: 9 March 2009

New Quickies! Rob admitted that he didn't think his body was cut out for twilight, and that he went to the gym to get in shape...  MTV named Rob 4th Most Eligible Bachelor. Amanda Bell from The Examiner has two writings up on twilight. First, she discusses on which twilight character is the best. Second, she discusses on which important new moon scene from the book should be in the movie.

Quickies: New Moon

Another edition of Quickies: New Moon It's official, ya'll! Dakota Fanning will be playing Jane in new moon! Also, Volterra has not been confirmed yet as a shooting location for new moon! WTH?

Access Hollywood SECOND EXCLUSIVE "Twilight" Deleted Scene

Thanks, Rachel!

Exclusive Twilight Deleted Scenes

Eeeeeeeeeee!! Access Hollywood has your first look at EXCLUSIVE deleted scenes from the twilight DVD!! It's also on YouTube! (thanks, dira!) **UPDATE** Ok, so his isn't really a deleted scene, but for us here in Malaysia, this scene was left on the cutting room floor (!!) before the movie's release last year. So, enjoy...(thanks, athirah!)

Quickies: Kristen Stewart

I'm dedicating this Quickie to Kristen Stewart. Some may have heard of her saying negative things abot twilight and the fans. In a new interview with Collider, she has this to say: When asked what she thought about the bad press she’s been getting in the wake of her Nylon interview, Stewart is adamant that her words are being taken out of context—professing, believably might I add—to having nothing but the utmost respect and care for the Twilight story and situation as a whole. “I love the Twilight fans. I have literally never said anything remotely negative about them,” she told us. “I feel like it’s a really humble position to take that it’s not normal—you know what I mean?—to find yourself in a situation where there are 5,000 screaming girls. I feel like that’s not normal and it’s not something I should just say, ‘Oh yeah, it’s really cool, I love them,’” she continued. “I feel like everything I said in that Nylon interview, if you actually read the whole thing, was very honest a…

Quickies : 5 March 2009

Here is today's edition of Quickies. The Deadbolt has a feature on the latest new moon news and rumours. BuddyTV has compiled a slideshow of TV's Most Eligible Bachelors 2009... Rob's in the list somehow... Tina Fey said Rob was a 'sexy devil'... ha!  Rob said that it was easy for him to pretend to be American. Also, check out what (or who...) is on ET's Top Searches list...

New Moon updates

Heads up, people!! It seems like Solomon Trimble ain't coming back for new moon. Aww.. that's too bad. He would be a good Sam Uley... Here's what he said, from Team Solomon. "My agent heard from Summit Entertainment today that I will not be reprising the role of Sam in "New Moon." While I will cherish the experience of being involved in the first film, I am looking forward to many new opportunities in the future and would like to thank everyone for their support." Posted on Solomon's personal MySpace and FaceBook. The people of Team Solomon ain't giving up without a fight, so they are starting a petition! Good on them. It's official! Rob is heading off to Vancouver! He was spotted partying at The Bar in Hollywood. Celebuzz reports: Last night a Celebuzz spy caught the vampire hottie at The Bar, a watering hole on the edge of Hollywood, Ca. "He was sharing champagne with his group, passing it freely to others in the bar," the source says…

February poll: How long do you think it will take for the Twilight craziness to fade?

Your say: Never! Once a Twilighter, always a Twilighter = 79% In a month or two = 9% In a week or two = 0% It's already wearing off/fading = 11%

MTV Twilight articles.

MTV has 2 new twilight-related articles. They came up with this list of The Best 'Twilight' Cast Performances You Haven't Seen. The list includes Rob, Kristen, Anna Kendrick, Edi Gathegi, and Billy Burke. They are also asking for questions from Twilighters, as they hope to speak to the cast soon. Have a question? Send them in!

Quickies: 4 March 2009

Here's today's edition of Quickies. Taylor admits that he's not allowed to date until he's 28! Robsessed has photos of Rob spotted at L.A, back from Japan. Kristen Stewart is really in trouble now... did she really think twilight was a bad movie, and is that why she wasn't at the Oscars (everyone was expecting her to show up with Rob...)? Times of the Internet has an article on Rob.

Quickies : 3 March 2009

Hey guys. A brand new Quickie. A fan on LiveJournal came up with a list to compare all the twilight DVDs available. Vote for twilight under Favourite Book for Nick's Kids Choice Awards! A Twilight Mom, Shari, is currently ill, and is auctioning off memorabilia to aid her illness. Vote for Rob for the Jameson Empire Awards 2009, but in order to vote, you have to register... People Magazine has an interview with Billy Burke. Go Fug Yourself has an interesting piece of the cast in Japan. Apparently, Kristen didn't want AnnaLynne McCord in new moon! *Gasp* MTV has an exclusive on the twilight board game.