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BD1 and BD2 B-Roll Video


'Breaking Dawn Part 2' BTS - Bella's Transformation


Rotten Tomatoes Interviews Michael Sheen and Bill Condon


New Stills from Part 1 and Part 2

We've seen a close-up of Bella's hand with the feathers a long time ago.

Isn't this romantic *cries*

Screenshots from the Breaking Dawn Part 2 iTunes Edition

A bit from the battle scene in the snow.

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Updates on the Breaking Dawn Part 2 DVD

Hey everyone!
So I've gotten some DVD updates from our friends,Twilighters Malaysia.
- No extended edition for Breaking Dawn Part 1 - No special edition either - Only standard editions are released - The probability of a complete boxset is low - Release date unknown; maybe by end of March or early April
I'm hoping for the standard edition to be a 2-disc with commentary and extras. Meanwhile, you might enjoy this.

Kellan on 'Ellen'

Also, Kellan as Tarzan? Yes, PLEASE!
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'Breaking Dawn Part 2' ONE MTV Movie Awards Nomination

This is crazy. Breaking Dawn Part 2 only got one single nomination for the MTV Movie Awards. For four years in a row, the Saga has been sweeping the award show with multiple wins, including Best Picture. 
So naturally, they don't want the Saga to win anymore, so they gave only one nomination this year. I think that the nomination is a bit ridiculous and unnecessary, though. 
Best Shirtless Performance - Taylor Lautner
Yea. Taylor was hardly shirtless in the second movie. The entire fandom (including you and me) was expecting something more, like Best Kiss or Best Fight or Best Movie. That final fake battle was EPIC. Some fans on Twitter has protested and started a campaign to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 instead of the Movie Awards when it airs, "#WatchBD2NotMMAs". Of course, that's entire up to you.
You may choose to vote HERE. Or not. I'll probably vote a few times, to support Taylor, not MTV. I'll probably tune in to watch Rebel Wilson host, but that's i…

'Breaking Dawn Part 2' DVD Bonus Clip: 'Rob Loves Babies'

Awwwwww ...

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Elizabeth, Nikki, Jackson & Peter visit Children's Hospital in LA

Isn't this sweet? Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone, and Peter Facinelli took some time to visit the kids at the Children's Hospital in LA on March 1st. They were also there to spread the Twilight love.

Film School Rejects: 32 Things from the 'Breaking Dawn' Commentaries

TheBreaking Dawn Part 2 DVD has finally been released in the States, and Film School Rejects has posted up bits and info of the film from the commentary by Bill Condon, the director, from that DVD as well as the extended edition fo the Part 1 DVD.

1. The first part originally opened with a scene in which the Volturi get an invite to Bella and Edward’s wedding. The scene was cut because Condon wanted to keep the full focus on Bella and have it be her story and allow the threat in this film to be more intimate. The scene was re-inserted in the extended edition for those watching both movies as a whole.

'Breaking Dawn Part 2' BTS - The Dance-Off

Here's a hi-res video of the dance off posted earlier.

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