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Stephenie Meyer Still Appreciate Twilighters

The apparent quote that Stephenie Meyer is over Twilight has struck a nerve in the Twilight community. She said this in the Variety interview.

DM: What about a return to “Twilight?” SM: I get further away every day. I am so over it. For me, it’s not a happy place to be.
DM: Is the door completely closed on that? SM: Not completely. What I would probably do is three paragraphs on my blog saying which of the characters died. I’m interested in spending time in other worlds, like Middle-Earth.
To clear up any misunderstandings, Stephenie took to her official blog to clear it up.
Even those of you who love Twilight the most (in fact, especially those who love it the most) have probably noticed that there's been just a teensy little bit of backlash following the success of the books and films. I try my hardest to be thick-skinned, but I'm not much better at that than I am at brevity. So when I speak of Twilight becoming a negative place for me, it is entirely that near-omnipresent Twilig…

Stephenie Meyer talks to Variety about 'Austenland'

Stephenie Meyer talks to Variety on her production company, Fickle Fish Films, as well as 'Austenland'.

Q&A Stephenie Meyer: ‘Twilight’ Author Trades Undead for Well-Bred in ‘Austenland’
The Y.A. author's Fickle Fish Films keeps the focus on romance in Keri Russell starrer

“Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer is moving on. She’s put a stake in the heart of her megahit vampire franchise, and saw modest results ($48 million worldwide) earlier this year from an adaptation of her romantic sci-fi novel “The Host.”

These days, instead of writing, she’s more focused on being a producer — a skill she gained from assuming that role on the final two “Twilight” movies and “The Host.” Her two-year-old shingle Fickle Fish Films, launched with co-topper Meghan Hibbett, is readying its first release, “Austenland,” starring Keri Russell as a die-hard Jane Austen fan who plans a vacation at a country house steeped in the world of the 19th century British romance writer. The film, adapted fro…

A 5-Movie Complete Twilight Set You Would Want To Own

This is something every Twihard see coming, and wants (or wishes) to own. Summit has announced a complete boxset for the Twilight Saga, including bonus footage, featurettes, and everything you would ever want (expect your very own real-life, living-and-breathing replica of Edward Cullen).
'Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga' comes in both DVD and Blu-Ray, and an additional Digital Ultraviolet copy. It has two covers: Edward and Bella, and Jacob. 
It is super amazing, and would surely be coveted. Unfortunately,Twilighters Malaysia mentioned that there is a very slim chance we will have this here. Unless the DVD distributor imports this from the States for sale here, you would have to get it online.

Happy Anniversary, Edward and Bella!!

Here's to your forever, Edward and Bella Cullen!!