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Rob and Kristen sighting!!

Rob and Kristen has been spotted!! But no worries, they're not together. They got off a flight from London, landing at NYC airport (I think...), along with Rob's BFF Tom Sturridge.

I'm trying to make this blog paparazzi-free, so if you wanna see the photos, click here, courtesy of The Vampire Club.

Kristen's Malaysian blogsite

Hey guys!!

Since I've already had a Twilight blog, and a Rob Pattinson blog, why not start a Kristen Stewart blog, eh?

So, I need your help to give it a name. Currently, it's Kristen Stewart Malaysia. If you can come up with something with more pizzaz, do comment below.

Second, I need volunteers to be the admin for the Kristen blog. If you're interested, drop me an email.

Also, drop by for updates on Kristen! Thanks! :)

Rob on Galaxie cover!!

Major whoop!! Galaxie Magazine is featuring Rob on the cover of their March 1st issue.

Go grab a copy on Monday!!!

New Moon deleted scene!!

Whee!! The first of more to come, cos even Twilight has a few deleted scenes ;)

via PLT

Moviefone 'Unscripted' with Rob, Taylor, and Chris Weitz

Caption This!: Rome Film Festival Outtake

Alright, guysssss... Get creative, and write a caption for this!

eg: Kristen: Umm ... Rob? The camera's that way...
What can you come up with?

Rob and Kristen officially a couple??!!

E! News Now: Pattinson and Stewart Are Official
by CullensNews


Gossip Cop has it that The Sun simply 'assumed' Rob said that they were together.

Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day!!

LOL!! I apologize for posting this late... I know, it's almost a week too late. Still, love is forever, as shown by Edward and Bella.

Hope that you had a great one!!

Eclipse trailer: March 12!!

Hoooowwwlllll yeah!! Summit, via @Twilight, has confirmed that the trailer forEclipse will be released and play before Remember Me!! In the States, Remember Me will be released on March 12, while we get to see it on  March 11!

They also said this:
Stay tuned for more information on where you can see it earlier that week

Fingers crossed Remember Me's screening here will come attached with the Eclipse trailer as well!! :D

More Eclipse stills!!

OK, so the previous new ones were actually leaked (so gotta be removed... sorry!!), but I'm hoping these ones (albeit the similar ones) aren't leaked!

clicky for biggie via WorstPreviews

New 'Eclipse' stills!!

Wooh!! What a way to celebrate Valentine's Day! Check out these new steamy stills from Eclipse, as well as one with 2 new cast members...

Check out Riley (Xavier Samuel) and (well, hello there, Bryce Dallas Howard!) Victoria.
via ROBsessed, Thinking Of Rob

Hey guys! Sorry!! The photos were leaked online from Summit, so it's only right to remove them until it's officially released *epic sad* :(

Caption This!: Teen Vogue outtakes

Write a caption for this photo, an outtake from a (unreleased, I think...) photoshoot for Teen Vogue, before Twilight was released.
For e.g.:
Jackson: *thinks*why are only Rob and Kristen wearing sunnies??*
Check out more photos at Thinking of Rob.

New Feature: Chatroom

Hey Twilighters!!

I'm adding a new feature to the site, a chatroom!

This is where all of us could chat about anything and everything, but mainly about Twilight, of course...

Before you chat away,

1. Remember to sign up for Chatroll, in order for you to post something at the chatroom.

2. Keep the language usage clean :)

3. Have fun!!

Breaking Dawn Update!!

Finally, another news on Breaking Dawn!

Reports say that Breaking Dawn is a go! However, Gossip Cop has something different to say.

The site clears up rumours, saying that:

"The official word given to Gossip Cop from a rep for Summit is, “No decision has been made and as we have said all along we are continuing to work with Stephenie Meyer to bring Breaking Dawn to the big screen.”

HOWEVER, a well-placed source tells Gossip Cop dividing Breaking Dawn into two pictures “is the direction that it’s going in.” We’re told that from a practical standpoint, separating the story into two parts and shooting back-to-back is what makes most sense.

Earlier reports seem to be fairly accurate when it comes to timing, specifically, that filming may begin in October."

Fascinating... two movies or one, I'm gonna watch it anyway!! :D


Woo hoo!! More Rob for us!

Rob is on the cover of the latest DETAILS Magazine, featuring him with some scantily-clad women... ooohhh... 

Also, Rob is featured in Vogue along with his costar for Remember Me, Emilie de Ravin.
Check out more here, and here.

Taylor's 18th Birthday and Swift romance

Taylor Lautner chatted with Access Hollywood about turning 18 on Feb. 12. What does he have planned? 'Absolutely nothing really. I mean, I’ll spend time with family and friends.. I don’t like to do anything huge, but it is 18, so, it’s kind of a big one I guess.' He won't be celebrating with Taylor Swift: 'I believe she’s overseas touring. It’s a bummer she couldn’t make it [to the premiere], but I’m sure everyone will enjoy watching her.' Valentine's Day producer Gary Marshall chatted with E! Online about Taylor Squared's kissing scene: 'The first three were nice. By the fourth I think they started going together. I don't know what the hell happened, but somewhere in the fifth or sixth take they were dating.' Gary casting Lautner for the sequel? 'He's booked until like 2020. He's too busy.' Marshall said he'll let Taylor do things no other director will allow:'That Taylor can take a grape, throw it up in the air, do a flip…

Fanmade 'Eclipse' trailer

While we wait for the official Eclipse trailer to be released (or leaked online... I'm fine both ways), check out this amazing trailer by tiffany666, who's already well known for her New Moon trailers.

Kellan Lutz's CK advert [UPDATE]

Wooh! It's gettin' hot in here, ladies!

As reported, Kellan is the new face of Calvin Klein Underwear! So, his first ad involves posing in one of them from CK's new collection, X. Also promoting X are three other hotties, actor Mechad Brooks, Spanish tennis star Fernando Verdasco, and Japanese footballer Hidetoshi Nakata. But of course, we wanna see Kellan!

Check out the full ad after the jump! Click at own risk ;)

Poll: January 2010

Anna Kendrick up for an Oscar!!

This girl is going places!! Twilight star Anna Kendrick scored an Oscar nom for her role in (sadly, not New Moon) Up in the Air!

She's up for Actress in a Supporting Role, and going against UITA co-star Vera Farmiga, Penelope Cruz, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Mo'Nique.

She updated her Twitter status as soon as she found out the news.

I'd love to say that 140 characters couldn't cover how I'm feeling right now but I'm honestly speechless :)

Congrats and good luck, Anna! If you have a Twitter account, follow her at @AnnaKendrick47.

I haven't seen this yet, but if she got an Oscar nom, this mean this must be good!

via WorstPreviews

Taylor was at post Grammy party

Taylor Lautner gives a big smile as he leaves a post-Grammy party in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Sunday night (January 31).
The 17-year-old actor was just announced as the spokesperson for LG Star Ambassador. Check out the longer video below with his reveal!
There are just ten more days until Taylor’s 18th birthday — what would you get him for his birthday?

Yikes! Razzie noms for New Moon!

Yes, it's an award ceremony. No, it's NOT good to be nominated for a Razzie!

As was earlier written up by the L.A. Times, there's a chance this would happen to our fav saga. Apparently, it's true! *dies*

Rob Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, AND Melissa Rosenberg has been nominated for a Razzie award.