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Kristen Stewart's Short Film Selected for Sundance

Kristen Stewart's directorial debut has made it to Sundance! The short film, Come Swim, will screen under the U.S. Narrative Short Films section, and is both written and directed by Kristen!
The Sundance Institutereports:
Sixty-eight short films, announced today, will complement the lineup of longer fare at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. The short film slate aligns thematically with other Festival categories, including Midnight and The New Climate, the Festival’s new programming strand highlighting climate change and the environment. The Festival hosts screenings in Park City, Salt Lake City and at Sundance Mountain Resort January 19-29. U.S. NARRATIVE SHORT FILMS
Come Swim / U.S.A. (Director and screenwriter: Kristen Stewart) — This is a diptych of one man's day, half impressionist and half realist portraits.
The film incorporates the use of artificial intelligence, and Kristen co-wrote a scientific paper about it.
Report via Sundance. Poster via The Playlist.

Kristen Stewart Co-Wrote a Research Paper

The always-amazing-but-underrated Kristen Stewart has added something new to her list of accomplishments: co-author of a research paper on artificial intelligence (AI). 
The Cut reports:
Published on Wednesday on ArXiv, an online research database operated by Cornell, Stewart and her co-authors wrote about something called “neural style transfer,” an AI technique used in the new short film she wrote and directed, Come Swim. The paper notes that the film is a “poetic, impressionistic portrait of a heartbroken man under water,” and used the technique to make the film appear as if it were grounded in a painting. “We take a novel artistic step by applying Neural Style Transfer to redraw key scenes in the movie in the style of the painting, realizing them almost literally painting that underpins the film.” The paper goes on to describe in great technical detail how the filmmakers were able to accomplish that. As Quartz notes, Come Swim will be screened at the upcoming Sundance Film Festival, …