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More New/Old Movie Stills

Check out some new stills from the movie. Some are released earlier, but I think I missed them. #SPOILERS#

Photos: The Cottage Interior


Christina Perri Explains How She Wrote 'A Thousand Years'

Teen Vogue recently interviewed Christina Perri on the process of her writing 'A Thousand Years'.

The five Twilight films have featured songs by Bon Iver, Anya Marina, and Lupe Fiasco, but there's only one tune that's become the anthem for the franchise. Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years," a romantic song about the fear of falling in love, is a sleeper hit. It played during the credits of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 1, but after fans heard it on the movie's soundtrack, they adopted it as the song to stand for Bella and Edward's romance. Christina was asked to record a new version of the tune for Breaking Dawn—Part 2, and this rendition is an acoustic duet featuring Tony Award-winner Steve Kazee from the Broadway show Once. We spoke to Christina about what first inspired the song and the new music she's recording.

2 New Movie Stills

 Bella wears a beanie!
Apparently, Bella inherited Kristen's 'knotted T-shirt' style.
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Bill Condon's Special Message to Twilight Fans


No 'Breaking Dawn Part 2 Official Illustrated Movie Companion'

I'm a little late with this, sorry. Apparently, there will be no official illustrated movie companion for Breaking Dawn Part 2. I was so looking forward to it, really.

However, there is the Complete Film Archive, which is last seen at Kinokuniya, KLCC. Not sure if it's still there, I heard they have limited stock.


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Sungha Jung Covers 'A Thousand Years'

You've probably heard this everywhere, so I might as well post it here. Sungha Jung, a fingerstyle guitarist from South Korea, covered and rearranged 'A Thousand Years'. The result is simply amazing.

Blog Alert!: I Made One for 'The Host'

Hey everyone!!

Now that the Twilight saga has (somewhat) ended, I would like to intro you guys to another one of my blogs. It's for Stephenie Meyer's other book, 'The Host'.

The blog name is Malaysian Wanderer. If you're wondering why the blog is named as such, you would have to read the book first ;)

Check out the blog HERE, and follow for updates.

Thanks! :)

Buzznet Interview with Jackson Rathbone


Cathay and MBO 'Twilight' Goodies

Cathay is having a promotion, whereby you can purchase the Twilight combo and get a free Breaking Dawn Part 2 character cup!

Meanwhile, MBO is having an e-contest for the movie. Simple questions to answer, and you might win some prizes.

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New Still from 'Breaking Dawn Part 2'


Bill Condon Reveals 'Breaking Dawn Pt 2' Deleted Scenes

Bill Condon discusses some deleted scenes that might appear in the DVD next year. *SPOILERS* for both the video above and article.

'Breaking Dawn Pt 2' Barbie Dolls!

This is kinda creepy, yes, but if you're a Barbie collector or has a young daughter who loves these, then the latest edition of Twilight Barbies might be for you! The latest line for Breaking Dawn Part 2 features Esme, Emmett, Jasper, RosalieDr. Carlisle, as well as Edward and Bella (the couple is a Toys R' Us exclusive!). The dolls, I think, has little similarities to their human counterpart, though. Also available is the Edward and Bella wedding set.

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'Breaking Dawn Part 2' In Cinemas Today!

The final movie in the Twilight saga is in cinemas nationwide TODAY!! Since the movie is coming out in 2 different formats, as well as in IMAX, I've decided not to post showtimes here as it will be a bit tedious to do. Instead, the links are on the sidebar, so check the showtimes there!

Happy watching, and be prepared for the movie that critics say 'might be the most enjoyable chapter in The Twilight Saga'.

image via TwilightFB

I Have Watched 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' And I LOVED It!

Comment 'YES!' if you have and you loved it too.

My review will (eventually) be posted soon. Meanwhile, do grab these buttons for your blog sidebar. It's a nice touch and a tribute to the saga, I think.

If you don't like em, throw some ideas my way, 'kay :D

also, I still have T-shirts for you to purchase and wear to your own Twilight party or screening :)

The 'Twilight' Oath

Unofficial, but interesting.

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GSC 'Breaking Dawn Pt 2' Giveaway!

Make your way down to GSC Paradigm Mall & GSC IOI Mall (New Wing) tomorrow morning and get your Breaking Dawn Part 2 tickets! They are giving away movie merchandise with every purchase.

Exclusive The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 merchandise to be given away to the first 40 customers who purchase 4 tickets and above for the movie The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 at GSC Paradigm Mall & GSC IOI Mall (New Wing) Box Office counters on 22nd November 2012. Movie merchandise includes T-Shirts, Eco Bag, Pillow, Key Chain, Umbrella and Movie Posters. 

Terms & Conditions. [READ THESE CAREFULLY]
1.GSC Paradigm Mall Box Office Counters opens at 10am.
2.GSC IOI Mall Box Office Counters opens at 10.30am. This promotion is only valid at GSC IOI Mall New Wing box office counters only. 
3.40 merchandise will be valid at each outlet. 
4.First come first serve basis, while stocks last. 
5.Movie merchandise give away is random and no pre selection is allowed. Movie merchandise give awa…

'Breaking Dawn Pt 2' 50 Days Countdown - Midnight!

Incredible! A 5-year journey compressed into 7 minutes.

Look out for Breaking Dawn Part 2 midnight screenings tonight!!

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'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Red Carpet Premiere - Berlin, Germany


'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Madrid Premiere & Press Conference


'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Red Carpet Premiere - London, UK


'Breaking Dawn Pt 2' 50 Days Countdown - Day 1

One more day!! Here's the first two teaser trailers for Twilight, from 2008! Ah, memories *cries*

'Breaking Dawn Pt 2' 50 Days Countdown - Day 2

2 days left!! Here's the full trailer for the first film, Twilight! I've also posted the first film preview from Comic-Con 2008!

Exclusive Video: Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed, 'All I've Ever Needed'

Here's the exclusive video that everyone around the world helped unlock on the Twilight World Map! 'All I've Ever Needed' by Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed, from the Breaking Dawn Pt 2 soundtrack.

'Breaking Dawn Pt 2' 50 Days Countdown - Day 3

The song that defined the first movie, and gave Paramore an even larger fanbase. Here's the original Twilightsong, 'Decode'. Always a pleasure to hear this on the radio!

'Breaking Dawn Pt 2' 50 Days Countdown - Day 4

Here's a set of interviews by the Twilight cast from 2008. The interview includes Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, director Catherine Hardwicke, and more!

Great Facebook Cover Photos from Twilight Saga UK!!

Twilight Saga UK is helping us all to celebrate the movie and our Twilight journey! You can download Facebook cover photos and profile avatars for you Twitter account or anywhere, really! Hey, why not make a sticker, eh :D

Click HERE to get one for yourself!

THR: 'Breaking Dawn' Plot Twist Reaction

via THR

'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Berlin Premiere LIVE Stream

The German premiere of Breaking Dawn Pt 2, in Berlin, is happening right now!!

GoHERE to watch the live stream. Click HERE for a second separate live stream, from the same red carpet.

Breaking Dawn Pt 2' 50 Days Countdown - Day 5

Here's something special! A collection of some interview videos from 2008! These are the first interviews Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart did before the movie hit the big screen.

Get Yourself On The 'Twilight' Map!

Remember the Twilight World Map?

Well, now you can put your name on it, and help reveal an exclusive clip from the movie! So far, Asia is at 70% complete.

You have to upload a photo, a video, or drop a comment on the Twilight Time Capsule, and your name will (eventually) appear on the map. Go try it out!

'Breaking Dawn Pt 2' LA Premiere - After-Party Interior Photos

This looks so beautiful and dreamy and urgh so good! They have everything there, from Bella's truck, to real wolves, the wedding scene and dress replica, costumes from the entire saga, the prom gazebo, and the engagement ring! *dies*

'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Madrid Premiere

If you missed the LA premiere and the London premiere of Breaking Dawn Pt 2, you can still catch the Madrid premiere! Rob, Kristen, and Taylor will be present of the red carpet.

The red carpet is scheduled to begin 7pm CET (Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Rome) | 6pm BST (London) | 1pm EST (New York City) | 10am PST (Los Angeles)

For Malaysia, it's 2am, 16 Nov.


'Breaking Dawn Pt 2' 50 Days Countdown - Day 6

Remember this? The New Moon trailer, from 3 years (!!) ago. This explores the lowest point of Bella and Edward's relationship.

Cathay Cineplex 'Twilight Marathon' Contest!

If you're able to go for this, I suggest that you do. It's something that you should NOT miss! All 5 movies will be screened for the first time together! I can't, unfortunately. I'm way across the sea in Sarawak.

Anyway, Cathay has opened their competition, and it runs until the 22nd of November. The marathon will be held after the nationwide release of the film, but hey, no big deal. Besides, each winner will get Breaking Dawn pillows! How cool is that?!

Join HERE!

LA Times Interview + 'R' Rating Article

Along with the interview videos come an article about the movie almost getting an 'R' rating. Possible *SPOILER*
Read itHERE.

'Breaking Dawn Part 2' UK Premiere LIVE STREAM

Watch it HERE!

The red carpet

Livestream screencaps:

E!'s Marc Malkin Interviews The Twilight Cast


'On Air with Ryan Seacrest': Ariana Grande Interviews the Twilight Cast


'Breaking Dawn Pt 2' Malaysian Cinema Standee Spotted

Guess what I saw today at the cinema ;)

It's pretty small compared to the Eclipse one I saw years ago.

'Breaking Dawn Part 2' UK Premiere

Missed the US premiere? Watch the UK Premiere LIVE!
Go HERE to watch a live stream, thanks to Twilight Saga UK. It starts around 1.40 AM, Thursday (15 Nov 2012), Malaysian Time. You can also follow @YahooOMGUK on Twitter. 
Meanwhile, I read that Nikki Reed will be in Denmark for the premiere there.

Galaxie Magazine 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Cover

Get Galaxie's latest issue, 16 - 30 November 2012, with Edward and Bella on the cover!

via @galaxiemag 

'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Premiere After-Party


'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Premiere Photos

The stars are out and about on the black carpet premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2! Rob, Kristen, Taylor, and more recent and previous cast members were present that the event. (Yahoo! photo credits: Nelson Blanton )

Taylor, Kristen, Stephenie, and Rob

Finally, We're Having The Twilight Marathon Too! [UPDATED]

I was so excited for this, but I can't be there for it. But hey, you can!! Galaxie is giving away tickets to attend a one-day-only Twilight Saga marathon at Cathay, when they will show ALL FIVE MOVIES!!! Yup, just like the UK!

Check out Galaxie's blogto win!!

[UPDATE] NEF has given more info on the event!


Come in your best Twilight Theme Outfit
Fabulous prizes to be won:*
*Terms & Conditions apply

Venue : Cathay Cineplex e@Curve 16
Date : 23rd November 2012 (FRIDAY)
Time : 9:00pm onwards

Movie Screened
1) The Twilight Saga
2) The Twilight Saga New Moon
3) The Twilight Saga Eclipse
4) The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1
5) The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2

Not sure if you can buy tickets, but you can certainly win them! Click HERE.

'Breaking Dawn Pt 2' Premiere - Quotes

via Yahoo!