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New Moon poster in Galaxie!

I literally burst like a piñata being hit. The New Moon poster is available in the 1st July issue of Galaxie, and it's a double-page spread poster!!! So be a good Twilighter and thank Galaxie by sending them an e-mail!

More Rob goodness

Here's new photos of Rob from the Remember Me set. He grabs some coffee, while giving us Robsessed ones a peek at something else... Click for bigger image via Celebuzz, ROBsessed

Twilight at the Vision Awards

Ashley Greene, Taylor Lautner, Billy Burke, Gil Birmingham and Christian Serratos are among the stars of Twilight who turned up for The 39th Annual Vision Awards. Twilight was awarded the Film of Vision award. via Just Jared Jr., Socialite Life

Face Punch: New Moon's mini-movie

MTV recently talked with Michael Welch about a scene in New Moon. Welch stopped by the MTV studios to discuss such far-ranging topics as his concern for Robert Pattinson's safety and the "three-way date," a scene that has Bella, Mike and Jacob at a movie theater, watching a horror film. But, in the grand tradition of such films as "The Player," "Bowfinger" and "The Purple Rose of Cairo," director Weitz is inserting his own mini "movie within a movie" into the mix. "The film is called 'Face Punch,' " revealed Welch, telling us about the tongue-in-cheek movie that Bella, Mike and Taylor will be seen watching on the big screen. "It's an action film." When the cast of "New Moon" began planning out the pivotal date scene, they got a laugh out of some of the silly, fictional action-movie names that Weitz and his crew had assembled. But in the end, "Face Punch" was the winner. "We start…

Rob Pattinson: 'Twilight' Saved My Life

Not sure if I've already posted this, but... Rob Pattinson has acknowledged that Twilight has saved him from being a layabout. He said: "Sometimes you just don't know where you're going in the world. Before I got the role in 'Twilight' I didn't really know what I was doing.At the time I didn't really know if I did want to be an actor, I didn't know what I was doing, I hadn't gone to university, and I was just bumming around and not feeling particularly good at anything, But at the time I was desperately thinking that I would never reach or achieve my own goals that I had set for myself." He also tells why he cut off his signature hair. "The hair is still big - ish! It's toned down a little bit. It's not that I'm not fond of it but it became too much of the style and that was never my intention in the first place. It was supposed to be nondescript and then it became this massive deal so I cut it off." Then again, the h…

New Moon trailer in German

It's a slow news day, so here's something to keep you entertained; the New Moon trailer in German. Who knew The Cullens and Bella can speak different languages..

The Sexy Stars of Twilight preview

Here's a preview of The Sexy Stars of Twilight, a special edition magazine by the editors of US Magazine. More images: Socialite Life, Pattinson Online

New Rob Pattinson interview in Cannes

Twilighters Anonymous: Vision Awards 2009

Twilighters Anonymous will be attending the Vision Awards 2009, and they will be providing a live feed from the event on their website. Twilight is being honored as this year's Film of Vision, and in particular, Twilight producers Wyck Godfrey, Greg Mooradian, Mark Morgan, and Guy Oseary will be honored. In addition to this amazing honor, Twilight stars Peter Facinelli, Billy Burke, Gil Birmingham, Taylor Lautner, Christian Serratos, and Ashley Greene, among others, are scheduled to attend.

Bruno Wishes he Dropped in on Robert Pattinson Instead of Eminem

Ya'll remember the MTV Movie Awards stunt involving Buno and Eminem? Well, Bruno revealed that he wished he fell on Rob instead! LOLs!! via NewMoonMovie

Edward speaks French!!

Here's the official New Moon trailer, dubbed in French! Wonder what's it like to hear Edward speak in Bahasa Malaysia? :D via NewMoonMovie

Twilight & Thriller

All of you should have heard of the passing of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson on Thursday evening (Friday morning Malaysian tim). Hence, as a tribute to MJ, here's a video of a mash-up between Twilight and one of his best hits, Thriller! My deepest sympathies to Michael Jackson’s children, family, friends and fans. via ILoveBoysWhoSparkle

New Moon Movie Tie-In Novel Will Have Two Covers

TEAM JACOB!! TEAM EDWARD!! In a previous post, it was mentioned that the New Moon movie tie-in will have a new cover art, and not a modified version of the poster. Well, it turns out that there's going to be TWO different covers! The 'Team Jacob' edition will be coming out as a trade paperback on September 15th, with the 'Team Edward' version arriving just before the movie on October 27th. This movie tie-in edition is currently in MPH's online catalogue, priced at RM44.90. via NewMoonMovie

Is True Blood the New Twilight?

E! Online discusses about the topic. Don't get us wrong, Twilight is our one true love when it comes to those deliciously fanged types. But when we want to get our more scandalous Nikki Reed side going, we turn to vampire porn True Blood. The gothic HBO show has a bunch of things Summit wouldn't dare let its presh kids partake in (onscreen anyway!): kinky sex (complete with actual nudity), blood-drenched violence and a public relationship between the main stars! We sure wouldn't kick Stephen Moyer away if he tried to bite us, but S.M. and his real-life lover, Anna Paquin, are certainly no Robsten—they don't even have a fun couple nickname! (PaqMo? So not sexy!) The costar sweeties realized the chemistry was there from their very first audition together—how familiar!—but waited two years to announce they were an item. Is that how long we'll have to wait for Robsten to follow suit? I'm a fan of both True Blood and Twilight, hence I'm not choosing sides. Even hu…

More kissing, more hazards from Remember Me set

Rob Pattinson continues work on the set of Remember Me, with another kissing scene between him and co-star Emilie de Ravin. All in the name of work, ya'll... Also, filming on set was disrupted on Wednesday morning when a widening crack on a nearby crumbling building sets off warning alarm. An on-set source tells OK magazine, "It's causing a hold-up for the shoot. We can't get anything in or out of here." However, actor Pattinson refused to let the interruption interfere with his job. An onlooker says, "Robert was concentrating on his scene. But most of the crew were staring nervously at the crack in the building and talking about whether it will fall down or not." Image: Socialite Life; Report: Contact Music

Win Peter Facinelli's Twilight Actor Chair

As promised, if Peter Facinelli wins his Twitter bet, he would give his chair (I thought he said chair backing, but oh well...) from Twilight to one of his fans/followers. Great news is that, this contest is open worldwide, so that means that we Malaysians have a chance to win this!! Yay!! Click here to join! Quick, the contest closes on Monday. Peter's chair

My latest creations :D

Send me your creations, and I'll post 'em up here :)

Car crash takes the paparazzi's attention from Ashley Greene

Here's something a little bit unusual. While she was in a restaurant, waiting for her car from the looks of it, there were tons of paparazzi outside the door. Ashley Greene was courteous and unimposing as always, but it appears that the camera flashing might've led to other problems. While she was making her way to the car, another car got into a rather loud fenderbender across the street. One cameraman commented on the irony of crashing in front of the paparazzi, and Ashley Greene said "I know!" According to TMZ, the woman who caused the crash was arrested moments after the accident. It appears from the video there were no major injuries. via Twilight Examiner.

Jackson Rathbone talks women, cheating

Gabrielle Long has a new interview with Jackson Rathbone, where he talks about women. GC: In your opinion, what do men really notice about women? JR: The way she carries herself. Many times, my friends and I will notice a girl who is beautiful, but just looks miserable in her demeanor. It's a turn-off. Life's too short. GC: What is your ideal first date? JR: Well, I live with the band I'm in, 100 Monkeys (, so I like to take a girl out to dinner alone, go for a walk and chat, and then come back to our "Monkey House" to see if she can hang with my friends/bandmates. If she's cool to jam some tunes with us, shoot nerf guns at my bandmates' heads, or at least not get offended when I pick up a guitar... then I know there'll be a second date. GC: What is your favorite feature about women? JR: Everything. I am a lover, not a fighter. I don't fuss over the fine points, I just love it all. GC: How important is personality versus looks? JR:…

Rob and Kristen on set; new Robsten rumours

New on-set phtots of Rob and Kristen. Kristen is spotted on the set of The Runaways, carrying a large case on one hand and a cancer stick on the other. It's Day 8 of Rob on the Remember Me set. Here, he is seen filming a scene with co-star Emilie de Ravin, and a giant panda. Rumour has it that when Kristen saw the photos of Rob and Emilie kissing on the Remember Me set, she flipped out! OK! Magazine reports that Stewart was thrown into a state of emotional turmoil after seeing photos of Pattinson engaged in a beachside smooch-fest with his Remember Me co-star Emilie de Ravin. "She knows screen kisses are part of Rob’s job, but it doesn’t make things easier, seeing sexy photos of him and Emilie in full lip-lock,” says a source close to Pattinson and Stewart. Just another rumour... not truth to this, obviously... OK! Magazine shouldn't be trusted for Twilight news... via Socialite Life, Celebuzz

Rob gets bloody

It's nighttime of Day 7 of Rob on the set of Remember Me. Yesterday, he was arrested. Now, he got into a fight, and has blood all over the sexy mug of his... the make-up department did a good job, eh... via Celebrity Gossip

Kristen Stewart is sexy!

FHM ranks Kristen Stewart at #90 in their list of 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2009! With all the hype over vampire teen flick Twilight, you probably did your best to avoid anything to do with the blood-sucking stars, so you might have missed the fact that female lead Kristen Stewart is pretty hot. The Cali girl’s had a string of roles before hitting the big time with Twilight, including parts in Into the Wild and The Messengers. Besides the upcoming vampirey sequels (in which she acts beside super-sexy Nikki Reed), Kristen’s also set to play Joan Jett in 2010’s The Runaways. via Twilight Examiner

Kristen goes full-on rock star

Finally, after weeks of pre-production, Kristen is filming scenes for The Runaways. Continuing along with a long day of work, Kristen Stewart hit the set running as she played Joan Jett in “The Runaways” on Monday (June 22). After arriving in casual garb earlier in the day, the “New Moon” actress changed into a black leather ensemble - finally getting to put her preparation to use, as this was the first day that she filmed scenes for the biopic. Meanwhile, fans of the upcoming movie had their interest piqued upon new reports claiming that Miss Stewart and co-star Dakota Fanning “share a kiss and participate in a steamy lesbian sex scene” in the film. According to an insider, “In one scene, the girls share an intense lip-lock and their clothes end up scattered all over their hotel-room floor.” Adding to the intrigue, Miss Stewart reportedly revealed, “Dakota’s very controlled and poised… She’s going to have to lose herself in this, because it’s really pretty heavy.” via Celebrity Gossip

Rob gets arrested!

Well, at least in Remember Me. It's another day of Rob on set, and the latest scene he's filming involves his character getting arrested. via Socialite Life

New Moon Movie Tie-In Edition [UPDATED]

FAKE!! NOT FAKE! The cover for the New Moon movie tie-in novel has been released. It features an image similar but not exactly as the movie poster. Twilight Lexicon said that the cover above is fake. EW has revealed the actual cover, and this is it!! REAL!! This version of the novel is currently in MPH's online catalogue, with the US version priced at RM44.90 and the UK version at RM33.90. It will be published on 15 September, but I guess you can pre-order it now.

Dakota Fanning on The Runaways set

Dakota Fanning has been spotted on the set of her new movie with Kristen Stewart, The Runaways. Dakota Fanning is pretty in plaid as she gets ready to film the very first scenes of her upcoming flick, The Runaways, on Sunday afternoon (June 21) in Encino, Calif. In the flick, the 15-year-old actress plays lead singer Cherie Currie. via Just Jared Jr

Taylor Lautner & Rachelle Lefevre at MuchMusic Video Awards