Is True Blood the New Twilight?

E! Online discusses about the topic.
Don't get us wrong, Twilight is our one true love when it comes to those deliciously fanged types. But when we want to get our more scandalous Nikki Reed side going, we turn to vampire porn True Blood. The gothic HBO show has a bunch of things Summit wouldn't dare let its presh kids partake in (onscreen anyway!): kinky sex (complete with actual nudity), blood-drenched violence and a public relationship between the main stars! We sure wouldn't kick Stephen Moyer away if he tried to bite us, but S.M. and his real-life lover, Anna Paquin, are certainly no Robsten—they don't even have a fun couple nickname! (PaqMo? So not sexy!) The costar sweeties realized the chemistry was there from their very first audition together—how familiar!—but waited two years to announce they were an item. Is that how long we'll have to wait for Robsten to follow suit?
I'm a fan of both True Blood and Twilight, hence I'm not choosing sides. Even hunky Ryan Kwanten from TB said there are no harsh feelings between the casts of TV show and the movie. However, Ryan didn't see this coming.
In a recent interview with Marie Claire, this is what Stephen Moyer, who plays the vampire Bill Compton in the show, said about Rob in Twilight.
"He's a p*ssy! He's the Slim-Fast, Diet Coke of vampires."
Oh, it's on now!! Anyone up on shining Bill with our flashlights? (since sunlight burns him... heh heh...)


  1. try The Vampire Diaries, it's releasing in September :)I LOVE all of em!


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