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Happy Birthday, Edward Cullen

Happy 111th birthday, Edward!!

Who's Who: Amazing Screencaps from the New Teaser Trailer

Here's a rundown of who's who from the new teaser. Mad props go to Twilight Lexicon for these!
(above): The Denali Coven with Garrett, Emmett, Rose, and the Amazons, Bella, Edward, and Nessie, The Egyptians, Carlisle, Esme, and the Irish, and The Nomads.

Lee Pace as Garrett standing with Myanna Buring as Tanya and Casey LaBow as Kate. In the background Noel Fisher and Guri Weinberg as the Romanians.

Rami Malek and Omar Metwally and Benjamin and Amun.
 The Amazon’s Tracey Heggens as Senna and Judi Shekoni as Zafrina.
 Joe Anderson as Alistair
 Joe Anderson at far right as Alistair Bill Tangradi as Randall far left. Also present Carlisle and the Denali.
 Benjamin and Tia (Angela Sarafyan)
Jane (Dakota Fanning), with immortal child, Vasilii

New 'Breaking Dawn Pt 2' Teaser is Finally here

This is going to be so FREAKIN' amazing!!

Jack Morrissey Shares New 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Details

Jack Morrisey shared behind-the-scenes details about Breaking Dawn Pt. 2! They are a bit spoiler-ish, I guess, so tread with caution.

Q: Were the scenes in the Cullen Cottage filmed [in Part 2]?
Jack Morrissey: "Yes, of course!!! Didn't you see the exclusive footage at Target? That was in the cottage."

POLL: A Twilight TV Show


'Twilight' Reboot A Possibility?

Rumour has it that Lionsgate (who now owns Summit) is planning a reboot of Twilight!

Bloody Disgusting first reported this rumour:

November 21, 2008. That’s what, a little less than four years ago? Since then Summit Entertainment has released four Twilight adaptations, with the fifth and final arriving on November 16. By the five year anniversary, Lionsgate, who acquired Summit back in January for $412.5 million in cash and stock, will be in serious discussions regarding the future of the Stephenie Meyer vampire/werewolf franchise. They’ll deny it, right here, right now. We’ll get plenty of eggs in our face. Sites will burn us at the stake like a witch during the Salem trials. Still, the fact will remain: it’s true. In fact, they’re already discussing it internally. It will happen. Twilight will return. It will never leave. It is eternal. Prepare to weep for another decade. It is still undecided exactly what the future of the franchise will be, though. It could be a direct remake, consi…

'Breaking Dawn Pt 2' EW Cover on E! News


Official Stills of 'Breaking Dawn Pt. 2' from EW + Article Excerpt

EW finally released photos from the film which will appear in their latest issue of the magazine! Two covers are available, along with an interview with the main actors.
It’s the beginning of the end. When The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 hits theaters on November 16th, it will mark final installment in the blockbuster franchise. But that’s not to say it won’t pack a bunch of surprises—and several new characters. Chief among them is Renesmee, the half-human, half-vampire baby of Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson), who is played by Mackenzie Foy, 11. “It’s a  hugely important part,” says director Bill Condon, who loved watching Foy and her older costars interact. “They were amazing with her,” he says. “It really  brought something paternal out in Rob, and Kristen was especially protective. I’d have to interrupt them when they were in deep  conversation to get going with a scene.” It helped that Stewart began her own acting career as a child, in movies such as …

EW 'Breaking Dawn Pt 2' Cover Story [UPDATED]

asdfghjklasdfghjkl *fangirling* Ready for it? It's after the jump!

First Look: 'Breaking Dawn Pt. 2' Promo Photo featuring Renesmee

via EW

'New Moon: The Graphic Novel Vol 1' In Stores October 2012

The news has been out earlier in the year, but I guessed I missed it. It's only this week that the cover for the 'New Moon: The Graphic Novel Vol 1' is released. The cover features Bella and Jacob.

Pre-order yours here on Amazon, or wait for October 30th to get it in stores.

Twilight stars at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards


'Breaking Dawn Pt 1' Wins 2 MTV Movie Awards Trophy

Despite having only 2 nominations for Breaking Dawn Pt 1, the movie managed to win both awards at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards! Amazing, isn't it?

Best Kiss - Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart
Movie of the Year - The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1

Acceptance speech below:

Get More: 2012 Movie Awards, New Movies

Get More: 2012 Movie Awards, New Movies