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Recreate Bella's Wedding Day with Bella Barbie!

You can now have your own Breaking Dawn wedding. Mattel is releasing a line of new Twilight Barbie themed around the wedding. Pictured above is the Bella doll.

You can purchase it online HERE at BarbieCollector , but not sure if they ship internationally ... unless you're up for a road trip to Singapore because they have a store there!

'Breaking Dawn Pt 1 Valentine's Day Advert

LOL much *wink*
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'Breaking Dawn Pt 2' Sneak Peek

The DVD for Breaking Dawn Pt 1 was released in US stores on Friday (10th Feb) at midnight. During the midnight release. Target played an exclusive sneak peek of  Part 2!!
The video is below the jump to avoid spoilers

New "Breaking Dawn Pt 1" Stills from Special iTunes Edition

Download the movie via iTunes HERE.

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'Breaking Dawn Pt 1' DVD from Indonesia

The distributor for Breaking Dawn in Indonesia has apparently released the DVD in the country. 
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The Hillwood Show 'Breaking Dawn Part 1' Parody

'Breaking Dawn Pt 1' DVD Extra: Edward and Bella Wedding Video Extras

No news yet about the local DVD release, so here's something to enjoy. Found as an extra on the US version.

'Breaking Dawn Pt 2' Title Treatment

From teal to deep orange, then on to grey-and-red combo, and pink-red. The final movie in the Saga plays on the colour theme of yellow, as seen in the title treatment above. It looks good!

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Walmart 'Breaking Dawn Pt 1' Fabric Poster

The DVD will be released real soon in the States, so here's a preview of a fabric poster that you will get when you preorder the Wedding Dress Edition.

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