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New Moon is Moviefone's Best Movie of the Year

Honestly, there's no surprise to it, seeing as the franchise has one of the biggest fanbase on the web (including me!).

The readers of Moviefone voted on its Year-End Movies Poll, and New Moon snagged quite a few titles.

The stats are:

* 41% voted New Moon as the best movie of the year
* 52% voted New Moon as the best chick flick (??)
* 46% voted Rob Pattinson as the year's sexiest male star
* 53% voted Taylor Lautner as male breakout star of the year
*47% voted Eclipse as the 2010 movie most excited to watch

Besides that,

* Anna Kendrick was voted Best Scene Stealer and Breakout Female for her work in Up in the Air.

Rotten Tomatoes' Taylor Lautner interview

Not sure if I've posted this before, or something similar to this, bit I'm posting it anyway... we could never have enough Taylor...

Critics Choice Awards promo spoofs New Moon

Check out this funny spoof of New Moon by Kristin Chenoweth for the Critics Choice Awards.

Team Edward and Team Jacob water bottles for sale :)

Twilightbest! is currently taking orders for Team Edward and Team Jacob watter bottles!

The price is RM89.90 including shipping. Want one? Send an email to! :)

Rob Pattinson on Ellen

Ellen writes:

The first time the sexy Robert Pattinson was here, "Twilight" hadn't yet been released. A lot has changed since then! Today the scream-inducing actor chatted about all the attention he's getting, and shares some hilarious fan stories.

Robert Pattinson spotted with his sister.

Robert Pattinson keeps and eye and an arm on sister Lizzy as they step out for the day in Barnes, England over the Christmas holidays.
The 23-year-old actor recently chatted with MTV News about what’s next after his Twilight reign.
Robert shared, “Depending on how things go, I’m doing a movie called Bel Ami in February, an adaption to a Guy de Maupassant novel. And I’m doing — I hope — a Western with Rachel Weisz and Hugh Jackman called Unbound Captives sometime around there as well. They’ve got to try and juggle things around until everybody’s schedules work.”
Rob continued about Unbound Captives, “I’m playing a kid who was kidnapped by Comanche [warriors] when he was 4 years old. And he was brought up by them, and then his mother spends her entire life trying to find me and my sister. When she finds us, we can’t remember who she is and can’t remember anything about the Western culture which she grew up in. It’s like, you can’t really be more different from Edward.

Movie Trailers - Movie…

New Eclipse cast!

Ooh! IMDb has listed three more actors in roles for Eclipse. It's interesting that the names only appear now, when Eclipse has already wrapped up production... hmmm...

Anyway, these are the new cast.

Fantastic New Moon calendar wallpapers

Check out these super fantastic calendar wallpaper by Novel Novice Twilight. Simply awesome!

via Twicrack

OMG! Eclipse teaser is out there somewhere!!

David Slade, the director of Eclipse, has been bombarded by Twihards about the Eclipse teaser. His response via Twitter:

Overwhelming question I see again and again - When is the first trailer for Eclipse? I really don't know I am afraid. I know they are working very hard on it. But I don't have any idea when it will be out.

However, someone somewhere out here must have gotten their hands on it, for someone else has supposedly seen it!! *faints*


Taylor Lautner's Dream Christmas Dinner Date

Who could that be??

I know, I know!!


'Twilight' among Top 10 Most Pirated Movie of 2009

OK, so, obviously, this is nothing to be proud of. You know how the gov is opposed to piracy, right?

Still... Twilight is among the Top 10 movies which are illegally downloaded for this year. The movie has been downloaded 8,720,000 times!! 

Which movie tops the list? Star Trek!

TorrentFreak via WorstPreviews

Merry Christmas!!

Hey everyone!

Just want to wish all Christian Twilighters a very Merry Christmas! :D

Image: Robsessed

Happy Birthday, Stephenie Meyer!!

Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight saga and The Host, celebrates her birthday on 24th December!!


Thank you for creating an amazing world we all would love to live in :D

Image: New Moon Movie

Twilight’s Forks, new reality show?

The Twilight Saga was a major hit when it debuted in theaters in November 2008, but is it enough for a reality show in the small town it was filmed?
The Wrap reports that the town of Forks, Washington might just be getting it’s own reality show.
Producer Zig Gauthier has begun casting for an unscripted project and shared, “We’re not going up there looking to cast people who have claims to the supernatural. We want people who have a true connection to the community. We want to avoid people with outlandish claims.”

Bryce Dallas Howard admits pressure of being Victoria

Well, no one said acting was easy. Eclipse star Bryce Dallas Howard said that being Victoria was not easy.

Howard was a guest on The View on Tuesday morning and was asked by co-host Sherri Shepherd if there was any pressure on stepping into the role of Victoria.

Howard responded unexpectedly, "Yeah, yes, very much so."

"I felt really grateful to the cast and to everyone and actually Rachelle herself just was so gracious," Bryce said. "Really, the intention is just to make the best film possible and you know, it was really terrible what happened but I did my best."

Yahoo! Movies via

The 2009 Z Awards: Vote Now!

OK, so maybe we don't have Z100 New York radio reception here, but we can still vote for their awards!!

The Twilight cast along with the movie New Moon is up for a few awards, including

Hottie of the Year - Rob Pattinson, Taylor Lautner
Favorite Movie - New Moon
Favorite Celeb Couple - Taylor Lautner/Taylor Swift (??), Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson (??!!)
Most Overexposed Celebs - Kristen Stewart (???!!!)

Cast your vote.!!

Twilight Lexicon's 12 Days of Twilight

A cute video made by the girls of Twilight Lexicon. Kudos, ladies :D

Twilight stars: Most Wanted, Most Beautiful, and Most Desirable

It's almost the end of the year, and it's time for various websites to compile their lists of the best and worst of 2009. The Twilight stars have secured themselves on many, many lists this year, thanks to the huge fan attention they get thought this entire year, and also the release of New Moon.

We've already posted on Rob and Kristen in TIME's list, Ashley Greene in Baltimore Sun's, and Taylor Lautner in Fitsugar's.

There's more ahead.

Rob and Kristen's Christmas wish

Rob tells who he wanna kiss under the mistletoe, and Kristen wishes that she can have Christmas dinner with this guest.

Missing Scene from Original Twilight?

OK, so, probably I'm the last person on Earth to read about this, but I'm gonna post it here anyway.Guess it plays to explore the Lexicon more, eh.

Supposedly there a missing scene which takes place in a Las Vegas casino.

TIME's 2009 People Who Mattered: Rob and Kristen

TIME Magazine puts Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at #15 of their list of People Who Mattered 2009!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart of Twilight
It's been at least a decade since we had a pair of authentic, shriek-inducing, catch-me-when-I-faint teen idols on our hands. But suddenly, OMG, they're back. What makes the stars of the Twilight series so idolizable? It's partly that ineffable combination of dirtiness and innocence: they're sexy, but they're not sexual. They're also not generically beautiful. God knows they're hot enough, but they look interesting too. Intelligent. Slightly askew. You don't just want to look at them or sleep with them; you want to talk to them. Like the vampire Pattinson plays onscreen, you can see that once upon a time they were merely human, just like us.

— Lev Grossman

Check out the full list at Time.

Ashley Greene makes '50 Most Beautiful Female Celebrities' list

There are quite a few lovely faces in The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, but it is Ashley Greene who made Baltimore Sun's "50 Most Beautiful Female Celebrities" list.
While the Sun's rationale might be a little off-logic ("Why we love her: She's the bubbly, optimistic vamp in the Twilight series -- which is a nice change form the angst-fest we get from the rest of the fanged ones!"), there's no doubt that they've picked a great woman to add to their list.
Also listed on the top fifty are (in part) Leona Lewis, Katy Perry, Gabrielle Union, Freida Pinto, Taylor Swift, Zoe Saldana, Kelly Hu, Blake Lively, Camilla Belle, Bollywood starlet Aishwarya Rai, Kate Beckinsale, Lucy Liu, Christina Ricci, Alicia Keys, Rachel McAdams, Keria Knightley, Rihanna, Mila Kunis, Sienna Miller, Natalie Portman, Stacy Keibler, Heidi Klum, Penelope Cruz, Hayden Panettiere, Eva Mendes, Malin Akerman, Marissa Miller, Shakira, Charlize Theron, Bar R…

Happy Birthday, Jackson Rathbone!

Jackson Rathbone takes a bite into his banana birthday cake as he celebrates his 25th birthday at The Bank at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas on Friday night (December 18).
The Last Airbender actor has seen his latest flick, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, stay in the top movies since it’s opening in November. The movie, as of Sunday, has earned around 274.5 million dollars. WOW!
Jackson and his band 100 Monkeys will be setting out on another tour after Christmas. Check out all the dates at!

Taylor Lautner voted Fittest Male Celeb

FitSugar readers voted Taylor Lautner as their choice for Fittest Male Celeb of 09.

Chrisitan Serratos the Snow Queen

Braving the cold weather,Christian Serratos shows off her PETA ad on M Street in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., on Saturday afternoon (December 19).
The 19-year-old New Moon actress was on hand to celebrate the opening of “Naked Ambition: 20 Years of PETA’s Sexy Celebrity Ads.” The special Govinda Gallery exhibit will expose thousands of Georgetown holiday shoppers to PETA’s fur-free, vegan message through a series of provocative window displays. The exhibit will be open to the public free of charge on M Street throughout December.
Christian also attended Variety’s Power of Youth event earlier this month in Los Angeles.

Kristen Stewart in Hot Magazine

Hot Magazine analyses Kristen's style. As if it's not enough that she gets to make out with Rob Pattinson on screen (and off, dare we say?), Kristen Stewart gets to step out in the cutest dresses for the premieres of the movie we've all been waiting for, The Twilight Saga: New Moon. She may not choose the typically girly dresses that are super form-fitting or brightly coloured, but we reckon she holds her own in subdued tones and simple shapes that highlight her creamy complexion and smoky eye makeup.

Hot Magazine reviews New Moon

Here's a review from Hot Magazine.

What’s it about: Hot vamp Edward Cullen (Pattinson) and Bella Swan (Stewart) are handling their seemingly doomed relationship pretty well. One drop of blood, however, changes everything and the star-crossed lovers go their separate ways. Enter one abs-olutely hunky wolf in the form of Jacob Black (Lautner) to make Bella feel better.

New Moon Secrets and Mistakes

Chris Weitz recently revealed to EW about 10 secrets a.k.a. Easter eggs in the movie New Moon. Did you spot them??

Jackson Rathbone's "Dread" trailer

Dread is a horror film directed by Anthony DiBlasi and starring Jackson Rathbone, Shaun Evans and Hanne Steen, based on the short story of the same name by Clive Barker. The story was originally published in 1984 in volume two of Barker's Books of Blood short story collections. The film tells the story of three students who decide to study people's fears for a video documentary college class. Initially they simply interview their subjects but then one of the students progresses to setting up situations where the subjects are forced to confront their fears. Wikipedia

Kristen Stewart's "The Runaway" trailer

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog A lil' bit of info on Kristen's and Dakota Fanning's new film, The Runaways. The Runaways (Neon Angels) is based on lead-singer Cherie Currie's book 'Neon Angel' - a reflection of her experiences as a rock star, but also delivering a strong anti-drug warning to teens and others. The movie chronicles THE RUNAWAYS from 1975 - 1977; formed by teenage girls living near Hollywood, CA., and heavily manipulated by their manager Kim Fowley as 'jailbait rock' (all the girls were 16 or younger when the band recorded their first album). The band ultimately succeeds on their own merits as musicians, becoming the first all-girl rock-band to ever break into the world of arena-filling hard rock acts. The film is directed by Floria Sigismondi. IMDb

Taylor Lautner new project!

Taylor Lautner may be used to white Christmases of the past, but he’ll soon be basking in the sun once again.
Summit Entertainment is teaming back up the 17-year-old New Moon star and heading to Cancun, THR reports.
Cancun is the first project for Taylor and dad Dan Lautner’s new production company.
The story follows an out-of-place college kid who travels with a girl to Cancun on a break. While there, the girl and her friends are taken hostage by a drug cartel and he is forced to save them. The story is designed to take advantage of Taylor’s martial arts skills.

New Moon song a possible Oscar contender!

Guess what? After the awesome Grammy nomination the Twilight soundtrack received, another news popped up. A track from the New Moon soundtrack may be up for an Oscar! The track? 'Possibility', by Lykke Li. I was expecting Summit to submit more than one song. The Academy notes: "A maximum of two songs may be nominated from any one film. If more than two songs from a film are in contention, the two songs with the most votes will be the nominees." This is the most important part. If a studio can only get in two nominees it's not necessarily in their best interests to submit more than that number. Therefore, it's somewhat eyebrow raising that "The Princess and the Frog," "Hannah Montana The Movie" submitted 5 each. An interesting strategy to say the least. As for other contenders, "Nine," "Crazy Heart" and "Avatar" submitted their frontrunners, but in a surprise turn only Lykke Li's "Possibility" was s…

Stephenie Meyer acknowledges Grammy nomination

From A big congratulations to everyone involved with creating the awesome Twilight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack! The Grammy nomination is fantastic and also well-deserved. It is an honor to have such talented artists and bands contributing to the Twilight film. Congrats also to Alex Patsavas for doing such an inspired job of bringing them all together. Thanks, Stephenie

Ashley Greene: "I look just like my mother"

Check out this still from Ashley Greene’s upcoming indie flick, Skateland.
The flick, also starring Shiloh Fernandez is set in small-town Texas where dramatic events force a 19-year-old skating rink manager to look at his life in a very new way.
Ashley dished to USA Today that she kind of went crazy after filming two Twilight films. She shared, “The fact that we’re going to Sundance is a validity factor for an actor doing something you’re passionate about. I got done with Twilight and went independent-crazy. I look just like my mother, it’s crazy!”
Skateland will be premiering at 2010 Sundance Film Festival this January.

Anna Kendrick nominated for a Golden Globe!

Anna Kendrick, who played Jessica, is up for a Golden Globe for her role in the movie Up in The Air. She co-starred alongside George Clooney and Vera Farmiga. Anna is nominated for Best Performance by An Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture, against Vera, Mo-nique (Precious), Penelope Cruz (Nine), and Julianne Moore (A Single Man). Congrats, Anna!! via WorstPreviews

MTV's Men & Women of the Year 2009 **UPDATED**

Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are on MTV's Men of The Year and Women of the Year 2009 list respectively. Rob is #6 on the list. MTV Shows In 2009, all eyes were on RPattz. Despite only releasing one movie, there were few people whose face sold more magazines, whose every word made more of a ripple and whose public appearances caused such a stir. Under such pressure, a lot of 23-year-old actors would end up getting into trouble, indulging to the point of excess and disappointing their fans. But somehow, the uniquely suited-for-stardom Robert Pattinson took it all with a good-natured grin and self-deprecating charm. In "Twilight" and beyond, his future seems so bright that he'll likely be sparkling for quite some time. Meanwhile, Kristen nabbed the #7 spot. MTV Shows At 19 years old, she already has an amazing 23 films under her belt. Yet, Kristen Stewart entered 2009 with a lot of questions: Was "Twilight" a fluke? How would the notoriously press-shy starlet h…

Taylor for Armani, Kellan for Calvin

Looks like our Twilight stars are branching out into the fashion world. First, reports surfaced that Taylor Lautner could be the next face of Giorgio Armani. Who else did a campaign for Armani? David Beckham. Taylor Lautner is poised to become the next face of Giorgio Armani. According to a fashion insider, the Italian designer is trying to sign the Twilight hunk for a new ad campaign for fragrances, as well as for his more affordable line of clothing, A/X Armani Exchange. “Giorgio has offered Taylor a deal rumored to be worth millions for the ads,” the insider reveals. And although a rep for Taylor denies the story, the insider adds, “Taylor is flattered and really considering it.” If he does take the job, he’ll have some big briefs to fill. Soccer star David Beckham sent huge crowds into hysterics when he turned up at Selfridges & Co. in London to unveil his underwear ad. Taylor completely bulked up to play the werewolf Jacob in New Moon. “I went from a men’s small to a men’s lar…

LOLCats spoof Twilight and New Moon

Wonder what Bella and Edward would look like as cats? Check out this adorable and funny spoof of New Moon by LOLCats. They did a Twilight spoof a while back (I guess I missed that *fail*) via Twilight Lexicon

Peter Facinelli talks Breaking Dawn

via NMM

Ask Rob a question!!

Here's a chance for you to ask Rob a question! "Ask Rob" Facebook Exclusive!! Rob Pattinson wants your questions for REMEMBER ME! Exclusive to the Facebook page, Rob will answer select questions from you via video. Submit your question about his upcoming romantic drama REMEMBER ME in the comments below (at the Facebook page). Questions will only be accepted by fans of the REMEMBER ME Facebook page. So, get your questions ready, and submit it here! Poster via Twifans

Possible New Moon DVD cover art?

The image above is rumoured to be the official New Moon DVD cover art, at least for the UK release. Could this be a fan art, or a legit one? The one below was previously circulated, but it's a fan art. Pretty impressive, I might say. I love it :D via Twicrack Addict

New Moon "Romance" TV Spot

Yes, it is indeed irresistible :D Check out this new TV spot from New Moon. via Twilight@Facebook

Taylor Lautner on SNL


Taylor Lautner SNL Opening Monologue

New Moon bonus track

Check out these bonus tracks from the New Moon soundtrack. The first song is called 'All I Believe In', and is performed by The Magic Numbers. The second one is called 'Solar Midnite', by Lupe Fiasco. These tracks is available if you order the soundtrack via iTunes.

Eclipse goes IMAX

It's about time, really. Summit has officially announced that Eclipse will be shown on IMAX screens in addition to normal theatre screens! " 'Twilight' moviegoers will have a whole new way to experience this next installment, with the enhanced image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience putting them in the movie," Richie Fay, Summit Entertainment's President of Domestic Theatrical Distribution said. via NYDailyNews

Kellen Lutz wants to play Matt Damon's brother

Keeping himself healthy and germ-free, Kellan Lutz stops off at a hand sanitizer station at Burbank Airport on Thursday afternoon in Burbank, Calif.
The 24-year-old actor recently dished that aside from becoming the next Jason Bourne, he’d love to take on Captain America.
Kellan shared with The Dish Rag, “Right now I just really want to be part of the Bourne franchise and the more I say that, maybe Matt Damon will read it and it and maybe I can play his brother. I’d [also] love to be ‘Captain America’ someday.”
What’s up next for Kellan? “They are going to studios to get the funding, and there’s one [movie] I will produce. Most are action films and a couple of romantic comedies and I’m just thrilled with all the scripts,” he said.

Star Movies VIP Access: New Moon

Kellan Lutz talks about Rob Pattinson

via ROBsessed

Bryce Dallas Howard speaks out about Eclipse