Kellen Lutz wants to play Matt Damon's brother

Keeping himself healthy and germ-free, Kellan Lutz stops off at a hand sanitizer station at Burbank Airport on Thursday afternoon in Burbank, Calif.
The 24-year-old actor recently dished that aside from becoming the next Jason Bourne, he’d love to take on Captain America.
Kellan shared with The Dish Rag, “Right now I just really want to be part of the Bourne franchise and the more I say that, maybe Matt Damon will read it and it and maybe I can play his brother. I’d [also] love to be ‘Captain America’ someday.”
What’s up next for Kellan? “They are going to studios to get the funding, and there’s one [movie] I will produce. Most are action films and a couple of romantic comedies and I’m just thrilled with all the scripts,” he said.


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