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Kristen Stewart on ELLE Magazine September 2016 Cover

Kristen Stewart graces the cover of ELLE Magazine Malaysia for their September 2016 issue.
She's featured in a photo spread, showcasing Chanel. There's also an interview with Lucia Pica, Chanel's creative makeup director.

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Twilight Pop Funkos Finally Exists

If you're a fan of Pop Funkos, or things that you can collect, then this Twilight-themed collection is a must!
Fall in love again with Edward, Bella, Jacob, and Jane as they continue their epic saga as Pop! figures. Edward is available in multiple versions including his gray pea coat and wedding tuxedo, and Bella is available in her vampire form and wedding dress. Also coming this fall are Jane and Jacob rounding out the Twilight collection. And look for these awesome retail exclusives including Edward in Vampire form (only at Barnes & Noble) and sparkle Edward (only at Hot Topic).
It's coming in September, and I assume it will be on or something. I want one of Edward in his pea coat, Edward in his wedding tux, and Bella in her wedding dress! But why do they all look so angry, though?
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Kristen Stewart in T Magazine

Kristen Stewart is featured on the cover of The New York Times' T Magazine, and talks about a lot of things that has happened in her life, and more.
Now 26, Stewart is sitting on her couch, dressed for the skate park in tight blue jeans, a loose white T-shirt and a black cap, worn backward. Cole (along with Bernie and Bear) sleeps at her feet. She lights a cigarette, her hands uncharacteristically steady. Everything about her, in fact — the easy eye contact, casual laughter and willingness to discuss the past — is a striking departure from the often frankly miserable face presented to the world just a few years ago.
She talks about her work.
During production, Stewart worked 18-hour days, six days a week, and when she wasn’t filming she was promoting her partnership with Chanel. “As a younger person, I would have lost steam: ‘I’m tired. I don’t feel good. I’m sick.’ Instead I tried to make myself more sick, more tired, just to see if there ever was a breaking point, and there wasn’…

Happy Anniversary, Edward and Bella!!

Happy Wedding Anniversary to our OTP (One True Pairing)!!
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