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heartbeat rate increasing...

Zee from Cinema Online sent me this update on the movie. She has seen the movie, and she says that "it's good but appears a little unfinished." (Thanks, Zee!)

Also, Golden Screen Cinemas have dedicated four halls for midnight sneak previews tonight at GSC Mid Valley and another three at GSC 1 Utama. Read it here!

On the CO forum, habitualdamnation has this to say:

"it's okay, even for non-followers like me, but some bits could be better. the music needed more boost and the editin was choppy. there is only one long cut in the movie, a scene with edward and bella in bed. rest are just snips for language. not bad la this censorship board gettin better."

Tell me what you think of the movie!

special screening tonight!

Ok, some of you lucky people out there are attending the premiere tonight!

Have fun! Remember to report back here on your comments for the movie!

For the others, the movie comes out tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!1

How excited am I!!!!!

Poll #2: Which team are you on?

Ok, the results for the second poll is in.

81% percent of you Twilighters are on the side of everyone's favourite vamp hottie, Edward!

However, 6% of you side on Bella's personal sunshine and the resident werewolf, Jacob!

Finally, 12% prefer on Bella's team, or as she calls it, 'Team Switzerland'.

3rd one coming up!

More Twilight stuff

Daily Record UK has an article up on their site about the movie.

The final MTV Twilight Tuesday article is an interview with the director Catherine Hardwick.

On MTV Movies Blog, there is a wish-list for 'New Moon'.

Also, both Twilight leads, KStew and RPattz will get a pay raise.. they were paid USD2 mil. for twilight, btw... Read it here.

Finally, CLEO Australia's website has a '50 Things You Didn't Know' feature on Twilight. Cool!!

omg! 1 more day!

Hey guys! All set for the premiere? Already prepared your 'I Heart Edward' T-shirts? Good... I found this on dira's blog. It's so funny! Really...

Props to dira! She's going to the CO premiere! Lucky her...

Stupid shiny Volvo owner

Volvo has a new page up on their site, and the page features a 'Twilight' ad for the Volvo C30 a.k.a. Edward Cullen's car. Check it out here.

found connection!!

Hey guys! Finally, I was able to get back online. I found some juicy details on 'Twilight', both the movie and the book.

'Twilight' had raked in USD70.55 million !! Read it here.

''Twilight" is in the running for 2Oscars (!!). But, it ain't Best Actor nor Actress... It's actually Best Score and Best Song. Read the article here.

Then, MTV Movies has an article about New Moon, and how it 'will be dark and spectacular'. Read it here.

As the movie rakes in more money, the books still stay at the four of the five top spots on Bestseller's List. Read about it here.

Finally, hope you guys picked up the Malay Mailon the 24th Nov, cos the CyberSpot page highlighted this blog!! Click here to read the article. Props to Malay Mail!!

everglow rocks!

Everglow has some new stuff up on their site, but I can't post 'em here. 
Click here to check for new updates while I'm gone!


The Official Twilight microsite by Cinema Online is up and running!!
The trailer featured on the site is for Singapore... note the release date and the distributor...
If you sent your name for the CO Screening, check your name at the 'Contest Winners' list... congrats to all of ya'll!! Thanks so much, CO!!!

New Moon is on!!

It's official, ya'll!! New Moon has been greenlit by Summit Entertainment! Read the official statement below!
Official Summit Press Release: "New Moon" is in Development.

A note from Edward and Bella!!

For Twilighters who subscribes to the official site's newletter, you would probably get this in your inbox. But for those who didn't... well.. see the photo below.


Hey guys... Just wanna inform youu all that I'll be quite busy the coming week, so updates may be delayed slightly. I will try to get connected to the internet and update this blog...
Remember, 27th Nov!!!!!!!


Guess what... The Malay Mail will be featuring this blog on their Cyberspot page!!!!!!!
More details in a few days...
Also, Cinema Online's main website is featuring a Twilight banner. Yay! Can't wait for the microsite!

Lotsa lotsa cash!!

twilight made a splash with a monster USD$35 mil debut!!
It totally beat out Indiana Jones and James Bond. When the counting's done, Twilight's Friday take may rank as the 14th or 15th biggest opener of all time, having surpassed the debuts of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ($25 million) and Quantum of Solace ($27 million), to name two recent blockbusters.

Full article here.

She knows!!

Here's another clip for you guys!

It's the meadow scene. Enjoy! Only 4 days away!!!!!!!!!!

MySpace's Artist on Artist

Check it out! It features Rob and Paramore's Hayley Williams!
Artist on Artist Robert Pattinson - Hayley Williams

If you can't view it, click here. It's on MySpace, btw.

New Moon might be greenlit!!!

That is, if Twilight can make up enough cash to cover up the budget for the film. predicts that the movie might take in USD$30 million on its opening day at the States. Read it here!

The Official Twilight Guide!!

The Twilight Saga Official Guide has been postponed from 30th Dec 2008 to 2009 (!!). A new release date has yet to be announced. Btw, the photo above is the official cover... nice... Click here to read the full article.


Galaxie Blog has a new poll... Go check it out and vote...
Rob is in the list, btw...

Another review, and a fan's surprise

This review comes from Yahoo! Movies. On average, critics gave it a C+ while Yahoo! users gave it a B.
Yahoo! Movies: Twilight Weekend Movie roundup
A fan won Edward Cullen's shiny Volvo!!
Teen wins 'Twilight' car on 'Tyra Banks Show'

Articles and reviews!

Found more stuff on Twilight. They are reviews, but is sorta like articles.. Just for light reading..hah..
'Twilight': A Tasty Bite Of Vampire Romance
For Studio, Vampire Movie Is a Cinderella Story
Robert Pattinson in 'Twilight' sure to draw legions of teen girls


I finally saw a banner and a standee of Twilight at Star Cineplex (in Kuching..). It's awesome. Maybe I could get my mum to get it for me for Christmas.. hehe..

The second one, the bright light at the centre is from my cam's flash.. sorry..

One more thing... This blog is featured in an article by CinemaOnline!!! Yay!!!!! (thanks to theshai for the heads up!)
And also, CinemaOnline said, "Get ready for Cinema Online's official "Twilight" microsite, coming to you before the movie opens!" Yay again!!! Thank you so much, CO!!!


OK, previously, I mentioned that on Rotten Tomatoes, Twilight was given a Rotten rating. The rating still stays. It's at 44%, Rotten. Harsh.
Critics Consensus: Twilight Fades, Bolt Electrifies

Also, WorstPreviews gave Twilight3/10, and called it "one boring, overbearing phenomenon." Even harsher.
But cheer up! Catherine Hardwick (the director) says that on the DVD, there will be about 12 deleted scenes!! Read it here!*

Fan To Robert Pattinson: Bite Me

Here's a really interesting article... Weird..

Fan To Robert Pattinson: Bite Me

Decode is on YouTube again!!

All of you guys have probably searched and viewed this vid a hundred times. It nwas on YouTube on its release day, but was pulled off. Thankfully, Paramore's record label reposted it!! Yay!!

The Daily 10 -Twilight

Twilight was No. 1 on The Daily 10 on 18th Nov.

Rotten Tomatoes update

OK, I checked out Rotten Tomatoes, and I found some stuff.

First, out of 15 critics, 7 gave a Fresh, while 8 gave a Rotten. Thus, 'Twilight' is considered 'Rotten' at 48%. Harsh, eh...

There's a Total Recall article on vampire movies...if you are interested...

Finally, Rob reveals his Five Favourite Films... interesting list, Rob...

People's 2008 Sexiest Men Alive!

RPattz are among the lucky fellas of Hollywood to be included in the annual list!!
Yay for Spunk Ransom!!

People's 2008's Sexiest Men Alive - Robert Pattinson


Updates Post-Premiere

Ok, as you guys know, the premiere was the other day. So, movie reviews are starting to pop up.
Here's one from Stephenie Meyer's page, and also from The Chicago Tribune. There will be more to come, especially from Rotten Tomatoes.

Also, here's another clip from Twilight, a 'Police Department' scene.

Here's a Vanity Fair article.

TWILIGHT Premiere Footage

Got this from Amy's page

MTV Twilight Tuesday: Premiere Night

Missed out these ones on the previous post. Another article by MTV.

'Twilight' Premiere: Robert Pattinson Loses His Hearing, Taylor Lautner Gets An Indecent Proposal

and also Premiere Red Carpet Photos!!


TWILIGHT premiere stuff

Ok, there are seriously lotsa stuff on the premiere in L.A. the other day. Rather than posting all the links here, I will post one link, which has all the links.

Twilight Source: Various reports from the premiere and after party

MTV Movies Blog has been updated with the premiere photos as well

Stars of Twilight heat up The Red Carpet

They also posted an article.

Just How Huge Will ‘Twilight’ Be This Weekend?

Also, there are some Twilight Red Carpet Premiere Coverage on YouTube!

Yay!! One week!

* Dira found a Twilight poster at Cineleisure! Hats off to Dira! - Robert Pattinson interview

This guy is everywhere!! I'm bored, so I keep on hunting vid of Twilight on YouTube. Here's more Spunk Ransom for you! It's an interview on Entertainment Weekly Online.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

More! More! Hehe...

Notice the two photos of Twilight behind him? Does anyone have that? The second one we have seen it around, but I have never seen the first one...

Twilight premiere news on Yahoo!

An article an Twilight's premiere is up on Yahoo!.

Fans flock to `Twilight' premiere in Los Angeles

Isn't it cool if they were to have one of those worldwide premieres, and that they stop by here? Eeee........

TWILIGHT YouTube videos

Here's one from ReelzChannel.

This one is from The Daily 10 on E!

And from Moviefone.. this has 3 parts, but I'm just gonna post one..

Another TV Spot! This is no. 11!

TWILIGHT World Premiere

Found premiere pictures of TWILIGHT in Los Angeles.

Click below!

Twilight Series Theories

Can't wait for the premiere!!

EW: 10 Breakout Stars

Entertainment Weekly has made Spunk one of their 10 Breakout Stars of 2008!

10 Breakout Stars

Wonder why Kristen didn't make it... maybe cos ppl already know her, I suppose..

iFMagazine Interviews

iFMagazine has interviews with RPattz and KStewart.

Rob: Part 1 & Part 2
Kristen: Part 1 & Part 2

Free TWILIGHT tickets from The Star

The Star Online: TWILIGHT Giveaway

From the site:
We have 25 pairs of open movie passes to Twilight courtesy of Tayangan Unggul. Answer the questions below and e-mail it to together with your full name, address and contact number(s). Winners will be chosen at random and notified via their e-mail address. Each winner will receive one (1) pair of movie tickets. Tickets will be sent to the address given via courier. No other request or correspondence will be entertained. Contest ends 20 November 2008.
Twilight Ticket GiveawayName the actors paying Bella Swan and Edward Cullen.Why did Bella move to Forks, Washington?Edward and his family survive on human blood. True or False?


Colour up your screen, people!!

Edward-Bella Wallpapers

They are very nice...

New Clip: Baseball Scene

It's a clip shown on MuchMusic..

Though I post it here, I haven't seen it.. Don't wanna ruin the movie... of course, the ending is already known.. still. 10 days!

Twilight on E! News

The latest edition of E! News has a short on rumours that RPattz proposed to KStewart on set (!!!)

I recorded it, but it wasn't so clear. Plus, it uploads too slow..So I found one on YouTube!

Funny interview!


Galaxie has a Twilight contest!! (thanks for the tip, dira!)

Another interview by RPattz! (thanks, aida!)

A fact-filled Twilight photo gallery on Yahoo!


It's 10 DAYS to Twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twilight on has tons of interviews and articles which are Twilight-related.

Check it out!! Twilight Movie page

'Before They Were Vampires', who were they?

Here's something interesting.

It's a photo gallery on about the Twilight cast, "Before They Were Vampires".

Kinda puzzled as to why Jacob Black is in this list, since he ain't a vamp, he's the werewolf... but it's cool...

RPattz interviews

Here's one...

and here's another...

Oh, that British accent... *melts*

InStyle Twilight Fashion Shoot

The Twilight cast is featured in a fashion spread for InStyle December issue.

Click here, or here, for more info.

*photo: InStyle

Soundtrack is out!!

I know that the official site says the Twilight soundtrack is gonna be released on the 18th Nov, but I found a copy of it yesterday!!!!! and of course, I picked it up without thinking twice. It's RM44.90 if I'm not mistaken... like i said, wasn't thinking...

The cover and CD looks like this...

And I got this fold-out poster...eeeee....

Hurry! Go get it!!

New Twilight clip

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Twilight’ Clip Features Bad-Driving, Bad Excuses, And A Very Good Romance

MTV is SO spoiling the flick for us 'T.O.'s...

I want to embed the vid here, but it's too wide. Instead, there is the interview from MTV Spoilers

The clip at the end is not so clear, but MTV has a high quality clip. Click on the link to see it.

Mag Scans, Videos, Interviews.

OK, for some of you guys, it's exam time. Some are about to sit for exam, and some, like me, their exams are over (yay!). So, to a) keep you alert, b) keep your mind focused, or c) make sure you don't do anything else after exams, here are some Twilight goodies.

Twilight Mag Scans, Videos, Interviews

Have fun!! Oh, you guys might wanna go get the EW 14 Nov. issue before it sells out!!


Well, in my previous posts, I put up an ad on the International Twilighters Convention 2008, or TWIYCON 2. I just got back from it.. or at least logged out, since it was done through a chatroom.

Damn it was fun!! There were 2 quizzes. One was an Egg Hunt, and one was a Trivia quiz.
Of course, there were prizes available. Wanna see them?

Twiycon Prizes

Cool, huh?

Shoutout to Amy!! Thank you!

Article: The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter posted an article about Twilight on their website. Spot two mistakes in the article... 'Twilight' franchise looks ahead

Poll #1: Which book is your ultimate fav?

50% of those who voted chose 'Twilight' as their fav book in the series, followed by 'Eclipse' (25%) and both 'New Moon' and 'Breaking Dawn' (both got 25%)

Poll #2 coming up!

Twilight movie stills on Flickr

Stumbled upon this.. worth checking out..

twilight movie stills

Twilight soundtrack no. 1!

Twilight soundtrack hit No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard chart!! It's totally rare that a rock-laden soundtrack gets to the top!

The Vampire That Rocked The Chart

New Moon is already planned!!

OK, this is probably very very old news, but I wanna post here, just in case some of you out there has yet to know about this.

"Twilight" Sequel Already in the Works'

DeadlineHollywoodDaily is reporting that Summit Entertainment's CEO Rob Friedman is already prepping a "Twilight" sequel, even though the first film has yet to appear in theaters. You might be wondering were all this confidence in the franchise is coming from.

First, "Twilight" has an established audience of book fans with domestic sales reaching 7.5 million for all four Stephanie Meyer novels. The series was a New York Times #1 bestseller for 59 weeks.

Second, the trailer for the film has received over 2 million views on MySpace in the first 24 hours. After two days, it has broken 3.5 million views. It went as far as giving the record-holder "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" some competition.

Third, at one point a "Twilight" book knocked "Harry…

No Promo?

It's about 2 weeks until the release of Twilight in Malaysia...

Does anyone notice that there are hardly any promos for the movie? No posters (except the one in Galaxie Magazine...), banners, TV or magazine ads?

Weird, huh? Why don't they let us Twilighters do the promo? I know some of us who would gladly do it... am I right? hehe...

MTV Twilight Tuesday with Kristen Stewart

You know, I've posted way too much stuff on Robert Pattinson. So here's one for Kristen Stewart. Enjoy!

'Twilight' Tuesday: What's Kristen Stewart's Favorite Part About Being Bella? 'I Get To Kiss Edward Cullen!'

*photo: Welcome2TheDarkSyd

Isn't she pretty?

Robsession -

The Movie Fanatic has 2 articles up on their site, about 'Robsession'. Wonder what that is? You shouldn't be..really...

THE FANDOM REPORT: "Robsession"- Are you a fan of Robert Pattinson or Edward Cullen?

Are you 'Robsessed'?

Latest 'Twilight' promo

Ok, you guys may have heard that the latest episode of HEROES aired on 10th Nov. in the U.S., which has a promo spot for Twilight. I don't really think that the promo will air along with the HEROES episode here in Malaysia. Wanna see it? Of course you do. Click on the link:

WorstPreviews: Latest Twilight Promo

What do you guys think of RPattz's new look? Good, OK, or bad? I think it's OK...

'Twilight' Event Turns Ugly When Thousands More Fans Show Up Than Expected

*Source: MTV Movies Blog----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
A scheduled event at the Stonestown Galleria in San Francisco with "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson was canceled Monday morning (November 10) when a crowd of roughly 3,000 fans quickly turned violent, according to a report on According to firsthand accounts on the Twilight Lexicon Blog, at least one girl was left bloody and several dozen others were pushed and prodded by the melee. The event was presented by Hot Topic and promised the first 500 fans that lined up an opportunity to purchase a "Twilight" Tour T-shirt and a chance to meet Pattinson.
Full story, click here.

10 Days of "Twilight"

MTV Movies is celebrating '10 Days of "Twilight"', featuring exclusive interviews, scenes, photos and more.

MTV Movies Blog: Twilight

Cinema Online "Twilight" screening!!

Win screening passes to see Twilight! Hurry, closing date is 18 November 2008.

For more info, go to


MTV Videos - Interview with Robert Pattinson

Guest MTV Movies blogger Laura Culpepper talks to the star about his grooming habits, his music and life after "Twilight.

There are three videos on MTV's website.

Video 1: "I Run More Like a Cheese String"
Video 2: RPattz Wishes He Hadn't Done The Soundtrack
Video 3: "I Bought Some New Underpants"

There's also an article.

'Twilight' Star Robert Pattinson Talks Music, Future Projects

Yay, Twilight!!

Save Midnight Sun!

There's a site dedicated to save Midnight Sun!

Sign the petition and read Edward's letter to Stephenie Meyer... interesting, no?

TwiyCon 2!!

Check this out!!!!


16 days!!!

16 days left!!!! (10 days for the U.S.)


I am!!

Check out this TWILIGHT feature on Cinema Online (

TWILIGHT is also featured on Yahoo! Holiday Movie Guide (

16 days!!

FiRST cover - Big Bloody Deal

'Twilight' is featured on the cover of FiRST movie magazine!!

There is a 6-page feature in the November 2008 issue.. it's too bad that there is no Twilight poster or postcard in this issue, but the quad is on the inside front cover..

Have fun!

TWILIGHT Soundtrack

According to the official Twilight soundtrack website, in Malaysia, the soundtrack will be released on 18th November 2008.


Write that date down!

Entertainment Weekly latest TWILIGHT cover

For those who missed out on the July issue of EW, which features Edward and Bella on the cover, the latest EW issue, 14th November 2008, will feature Robert, Kristen, and both of them in 3 separate covers.

*image from

Have fun hunting! (Hint: Try TIMES Bookshop...)

Breaking Dawn

Hye fellow Malaysian Twilighters!!

This is a new unofficial website-blog, dedicated to Twilight, for all Malaysian Twilighters.

btw, it's totally new, so nothing much has been done to it...

Feel free to drop any comments, suggestions, and all that jazz..

See ya!