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Zee from Cinema Online sent me this update on the movie. She has seen the movie, and she says that "it's good but appears a little unfinished." (Thanks, Zee!)

Also, Golden Screen Cinemas have dedicated four halls for midnight sneak previews tonight at GSC Mid Valley and another three at GSC 1 Utama. Read it here!

On the CO forum, habitualdamnation has this to say:

"it's okay, even for non-followers like me, but some bits could be better. the music needed more boost and the editin was choppy. there is only one long cut in the movie, a scene with edward and bella in bed. rest are just snips for language. not bad la this censorship board gettin better."

Tell me what you think of the movie!


  1. my review's right this way.

  2. I saw Twilight last night to a full house theater. Rob Pattinson was a perfect Edward and Kristen Stewart was great but I thought sometimes she overacted a bit. Billy Burke as Charlie Swan was outstanding too. The rest of the Cullens were really cool. Bear in mind this is an adaptation of the book so, do not expect it to be greater or at par with the book. I mean they actually stayed true to the book but they improvised here & there! It was ok to me. Overall, I'm satisfied with Twilight and would definitely be watching it again & again. Even my friend who has not read the book, enjoyed the movie. *Spoiler Alert* - My favourite scene of all – The Baseball game! Totally rock! . Supermassive Black Hole by Muse really fits into this scene and the Prom scene was so romantic! I love it!

  3. Don't pelt me, but in my humble opinion, I think the movie pales in comparison to the book. But in the words of Seth the webmaster: I can't think of one good book which had a movie made from it that was as good as the book.

    But I gotta admit that I am impressed with how the movie turned out overall. Reading the books stirred my emotions more the movie did, but boy were the effects a joy to watch and the jokes were catchy. If I was a non-reader of the books, I'd love it too.

    Looking forward to New Moon. :D

  4. For those who have not seen the movie, please remember not to compare 100% from the book or you would end up feeling a bit dissapointed. The book was great & nothing can compare to that . Twilight the movie was not bad too. I can totally feel how Bella is smitten with Edward! If it wasnt for the 2 actors who played Edward/Bella (Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart), maybe the movie wld falls flat. They were the strength of the movie...and you shd actually watch it more than once to fully appreciate it. I know I did!....

  5. i've seen the movie thrice.

    didn't enjoy it the first time, didn't love it the second time. but after the third, i kinda liked it.

    i don't care if they left out nitty gritty details like the dazzling part. the special effects didn't bother me either. my only concern was the acting because if the casts can't pull that off, the movie would, frankly speaking, suck.

    rob was great, albeit a few over-the-top expressions and frequent eye-bulging moments. he dazzled me to bits. kristen, on the other hand, was all over the place. she showed as much emotion as a pancake. monotone all the way. she was gorgeous la tapi.

    loved the baseball scene, the cullens and hales' cafeteria entrance and when everyone stared at bella & edward when they walked together at school.

    having seen the movie three times, i learnt to accept it as it is and let go a bit. but i still think it could have been better.

    the crowd/audience was no fun, though. nobody screamed like a banshee when edward came on. so i just kept quiet lah. haha.


    OMEOMEOMEOMEOMEOME! But I was a tiny bit dissapointed that they changed the restaurant scene in Port Angeles cuz it was my favourite part of the book. Oh well. Takpe lah....

    I know they'll do AMAZING stuff with New Moon. I just have a feeling.

    I watched it on the 2nd day it was screened in Putrajaya. The cinema wasnt even FULL. Haish. Tapi ada lah one or two fangirls yang teman I squeal and stuff.

    I LOVE TWILIGHT! i keep saying this over and over again :)


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