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Eclipse sneak peek

New Moon deleted scenes

Eclipse official poster released!


New Moon DVDs!!!

Hey guys!! Guess what!

The Malaysian edition of the New Moon DVD will be released very soon!! April 15th, to be exact.

Sad to say, I'm not taking orders this year. Kinda swamped with life and things (proven by the lack of updates here...).

However, Twilighters Malaysia are taking orders for the New Moon DVD, and they're promising stuff I can't, so click here for more info!

Forks Virtual Tour app up for grabs

PLT is giving away free 'FORKS, WA VIRTUAL TOUR' iPhone/iPod Touch app!

Want one? Click here.

New Eclipse scene


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Twilighters in Brunei!

Cool! Just found out (actually, they found me...) that Bruneians have their own Twilight fansite!!

Check it; Twilight Brunei Darussalam!

New Moon DVD exclusive: Life After Twilight, Shooting in Italy

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Access Hollywood New Moon DVD exclusive

New Moon DVD TV Spot

Exclusive 'Eclipse' sneak peek

Well, this certainly made up for the trailer, not that the trailer was bad...

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Eclipse teaser is here!!!

Still breathing?

Chris Weitz regrets one New Moon scene

Gasp! Chris Weitz admitted that he regretted one particular scene in New Moon!

Guess which one...

Eclipse 10-second pre-teaser

Nice 10 second teaser, though not kick-@$$ enough (the New Moon one got me all pumped at a snap!). Oh, and Taylor shirtless... again? Is Summit out of marketing ideas or something???

But one thing, I'm loving Bella's look here... captures Bella from the books very much...

The 90 second teaser will be released at 6:00 AM PST (US time).

More New Moon Secrets

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

Chris Weitz reveals some New Moon secrets.

In honor of the disc's release on March 20, director Chris Weitz sat down with MTV News to reveal five things you probably didn't know about "New Moon." Here's what we learned.

Rob Pattinson in Galaxie!

Rob is featured in Galaxie Magazine's March issue!! :D
Grab a copy now! For more scans, click here.