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Kristen & Rob covers CLEO Malaysia

Squee!! Another Malaysian cover! This time it's for CLEO's Valentine's Day special. 

There's an interview, and a timeline of their are-they-or-are-they-not romance...

David Slade tweets Eclipse progress

Looks like David Slade has been busy lately. Check out his recent tweets on the progress of Eclipse!

Big day, screening 1st director's cut to the studio phase 1. THis will be the first time anyone out of editorial has seen the cut. 
about 6 hours ago from web

Onwards we cut, I am watching the great Art Jones tighten our edit, poor Jacob is on his broken rib bed, raining outside, lunch soon.. 
12:52 PM Jan 20th from web

Bah paranoid people, the good people at Summit and I get on great. I just don't know when the trailer will be released. 
12:45 PM Jan 20th from web

So just to clear this up, the Trailer is out of my hands, I would love to release one but its down to Summit. I don't know when. 
11:50 AM Jan 20th from web

Edit getting finer and finer, film now running at a great length. Lots of SFX work to do but we feel good. 11:46 AM Jan 20th from web

New Year's gift was cancelled. Out of my hands unfortunately. I tried. On another note our edit is driving towards the finish line.…

Rob Pattinson at Hope for Haiti

Rob Pattinson helped out a good cause by appearing on the telethon Hope For Haiti Now, to encourage people to donate to the devastated country of Haiti.

Taylor Lautner and Anna Kendrick was there too, answering phones.

The full script of Rob's speech is available here.

If you wish to donate, log on to

Twilight: The Graphic Novel revealed!!

Back in July 09, EW reported on the adaptation of Twilight into a graphic novel (a.k.a. comic book, but that would make it sound children-ish).
Now, they can exclusively confirm that the novel is a go, and will be released Stateside on March 16th!! Above is the spectauclar loking cover featuring Bella.
After the jump, check out the biology class scene, and an exclusive interview with Stephenie Meyer.

Robert Pattinson signs on for Haiti telethon

Bless his generous soul. Rob Pattinson agreed to help out with the Hope for Haiti telethon, aimed at raising funds for the devastated country.

E!'s Marc Malkin reports:

As of right now, it looks like Rob will be the sole presenter in London, with performances by Jay-Z and Bono.

Stateside performers—some announced and others not—will include:

Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, Shakira and Bruce Springsteen, who are among those performing live during the two-hour benefit, which will air on all the major television networks (including our very own E!).

Taylor Lautner at the Golden Globes

He's great as a first-timer. Go Taylor :D

Twilight stars at the Golden Globes

Anna Kendrick and Taylor Lautner were both present at the recent Golden Globe Awards in Hollywood. 
Taylor was presenting, and Anna was a nominee for her role in Up in the Air. Sadly, no nominations for New Moon :(

More Twilight stars came out to party at the InStyle Golden Globes after party. 

Pictures after the jump...

KStew's 'The Runaway' Release Date

OMG! First, Rob's Remember Me has a release date, then Kristen Stewart's 'The Runaways' got one as well! 

According to Cinema Online, the release date for The Runaways in Malaysia is 8th April 2010! Yay! The movie's distributor is (just like Twilight) Tayangan Unggul.

Here's a new still from the movie.

Still via Twicrack Addict

Awesome French New Moon DVD Promo

Ooh la la ... Edward speaks French *melts*

via NMM

Jacob Black’s Birthday – January 14th, 1990!

Ooh!! Jacob Black finally has a birthday!

New Moon DVD from around the world

Yes, everyone's excited about the U.S. 2-Disc Special Edition of the New Moon DVD. But wait, there's more. Check out other international version, especially the Japanese edition. That one is definitely a keeper!

New Moon DVD release date & features

It's official! The New Moon DVD release date is March 20th 2010 (in the US of course)!!

According to the Twilight Examiner, the DVD will contain special features.

Kristin Chenoweth Auditions for New Moon

VH1 TV Shows | Music Videos | Celebrity Photos | News & Gossip

It's simple, yet hilarious! This spoof by Kristen Chenoweth was made for the VH1 Critic's Choice Movie Awards.

via Twilight Poison

Chris Weitz talks Rob, Edward, Deletd Scens with Sweepstakes Winner

Twilight's official Twitter, @Twilight recently had a sweepstakes contest, and the winner, JennyBRUTAL, won! Her prize was a phone interview with New Moon director Chris Weitz! Finally, there's an explanation fornthe dark silver Volvo!

How nerve-racking was it to know you had to relocate several location for New Moon?
It was really nerve-racking because I thought people would notice and be upset, it was a puzzle to get it just right. The outside of the school is all CGI, we built the stairway for the school and took stills. In the Cullen's house I also tried to show different rooms in the house to add to the feeling of the house. When Taylor was traveling during Twilight a fan gave him a hand-carved Native American ornament. We used that ornament in Jacob's room in New Moon.

I know Edward's car is now a dark silver, but was there any reason for the change?

Availability. Volvo wanted to introduce a new car into the series, instead of the older model. So they provided …

Ron Howard on Bryce Dallas Howard Joining Twilight

Twilighters do good

This isn't Twilight-related, but I feel that this is worth posting.

Fansite Thinking Of Rob is getting Rob off their mind for a bit to encourage and speard the message to help the island of Haiti, which was recently struck by a tsunami. The destruction was massive.

We in Malaysia once experienced it, but it was not as terrible. Play your part in spreading the mssage. I know that we can't really do much, but by speading the word that they need help is good enough.

If you're on Twitter, follow @ThinkingOfRob and get updates from them. If you wish to make a contribution to the American Red Cross (who is currently there to provide aid), log on to their website here. For others, keep them in your prayers.

A round of appaluse goes the the girls of ToR for their proactive effort, and also to show that Twilighters are human beings too.

The Drama that is Breaking Dawn

After Eclipse, everyone's waiting if Breaking Dawn will get the green light. Thus, rumours are going about that it is or is it not, and whether it will be one or two movies.

The LA Times mentioned that BD was already greenlit!

New Moon DVD official cover

Woah... intense.

You can sign up for the newsletter here which will inform you when the DVD is going to be released! There's also the Blu-Ray edition.

Ashley Greene models for SoBe

SoBe Lifewater nabbed Ashley Greene to model for their newest ad campaign. The campaign will run in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue! Now, what makes this photoshoot in Turks and Caicos interesting? Her outfit!

Twilight in Bahasa Malaysia!!

Yes, it's true! For those of you who know friends who reads only BM novels, and want to introduce Twilight to them, you can now recommend Senjakala!

Novel terlaris New York Times kini telah diterjemahkan kepada Bahasa Malaysia.

"Tiga perkara yang aku pasti: Pertama, Edward sebenarnya pontianak, Kedua, sebahagian daripada dirinya - dan aku tidak tahu betapa kuatnya sebahagian itu - yang dahagakan darahku. Dan ketiga, aku sungguh-sungguh mencintainya"

There's also Cinta Baru a.k.a. New Moon (posted about this before...)

Buku kedua dalam saga Twilight: New Moon kini diterjemahkan kepada Bahasa Malaysia.

"Aku tahu yang kami berdua benar-benar dalam bahaya. Meskipun begitu, aku masih merasa tenang dan selamat. Merasa sempurna. Jantungku berdegup kencang. Nadiku sekali lagi berdenyut pantas dan hangat, dan dadaku penuh dengan keharuman aroma kulitnya. Kelukaan dahulu seolah-olah telah tiada. Aku sihat - bukan sembuh daripada luka, tetapi seolah-olah luka itu memang sedia …

Old/New NM promo shot

Oooohhh... me like, though Kristen posed weirdly, making Bella look bigger than she really is...

via TeamEdwardPOV

Galaxie honours Twilight

For their January Bumper issue, Galaxie gave out awards for the outstanding in the year of '09. Rob got Hair Do of the Year, Taylor won Hot Bod of the Year, and New Moon was crowned Movie Event of The Year!

The Bumper issue feature posters of Rob and Taylor. Rob is also featured on Galaxie's Limited Edition 2010 Calendar, only available at The Star Education Fair (9 &10 Jan, 11am - 7pm, KL Convention Centre)

Kellen meets Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley

Kellan Lutz leans back to back with Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley in this sneak peek of the Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Males mag.
The 24-year-old Eclipse vamp dished to ET about how he was reminded that The Twilight Saga vampires don’t have fangs.
Kellan shared, “I read the [Stephenie Meyer] books after I got the role, and I still didn’t realize that we didn’t have fangs until we started shooting [Twilight]. We were doing the hair and makeup and put in the cool contacts and I’m like, ‘Guys, uh, what about the fangs?’ And they’re like, ‘You guys don’t wear fangs.’ No fangs, no fun.”

Twilight Wins Big at People’s Choice Awards 2010

Kellan Lutz waves to the crowds as he arrives at the 2010 People’s Choice Awards held at Nokia Theater L.A. Live in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (January 6).
The 24-year-old actor and actress Katie Cassidy presented the award for Favorite Country Artist which went to Carrie Underwood.
After the show, Kellan picked up a bite to eat with pals at STK Restaurant.
Twilight was a big winner during the award ceremony picking up Breakout Movie Actor (Taylor Lautner) Favorite Franchise, Favorite Movie, and Favorite On-Screen Team. Paramore, who are featured on the Twilight soundtrack, also picked up a PCA for Favorite Rock Band.


Anna Kendrick on Ellen

She talked about life after Twilight, life before Twilight, working with George Clooney in Up in the Air, as well as something funny involving George and RPattz! :D

Taylor Lautner will be the most paid teen actor in Hollywood.

MTV is now reporting that Taylor Lautner may be starring alongside Tom Cruise in a new film, which could boost his Hollywood teen status greatly by becoming the highest paid teen actor in Hollywood!
He could be expecting a cool $7.5 million dollars from his next film Northern Lights 

The film, titled “Northern Lights,” will pair the 17-year-old with Tom Cruise. The plot is described as a story about “a gifted young aerobatics pilot who faces off with his controlling billionaire father and falls in love with a gifted female pilot.” Helmed by “Max Payne” director John Moore, the film is set to start shooting on April 1.
According to the story, young stars like Zac Efron and Miley Cyrus have not commanded a paycheck nearly as large as Lautner’s. And the “Twilight” werewolf might get even more cash for his future projects.
A December report in Variety indicated that “Breaking Dawn,” the final book in the “Twilight” saga, may be split into two films, which would force Summit Enter…

Eclipse script leaked!!!

Yes. This is actually true. Sad thing is, the script was supposedly leaked by Jackson Rathbone!

Oh noes! Not again... (remember the New Moon script incident?)

Deadline Hollywood confirmed that the leaked script was indeed for Eclipse, but it was an early script and was not used for filming. They also confirm that it was Jackson's script!! 

Could he be the one who had accidentally leaked it, or did someone stole it from him and leaked it instead??!! *thinking of theories to support Jacksper*

Malaysia for Top Twilight Nation!!

Hey guys! Vote for Malaysia as the Top Twilight Nation!!

Click here to submit your vote. Keep scrolling till you find the Malaysian flag.

Malaysia currently ranks #30 with 392 votes! C'mon everyone, keep voting!! Get us in the Top 10 (or at least, Top 25). There is 24 days left.

'Remember Me' Malaysia release date

Yes!!! The tentative release date for Rob's latest movie, Remember Me, has been released. It's 11 March 2010!

Thanks, CO!

Twilight, Taylor Lautner wins People's Choice Awards

Hear ye, hear ye! The people have spoken, and Twilight was chosen as Favourite Movie at the People's Choice Awards recently!! Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz both attended the show.

Twilight was nominated for two other categories, including Favourite On-Screen Team and Favourite Franchise. Twilight won those too. :D

As for the cast, Taylor Lautner, Rob Pattinson, and Kristen Stewart were nominated for Breakout Movie Actor (Taylor), Favourite Movie Actor (Rob), and Favourite Movie Actress (Kristen). Taylor won in his category, but Rob and Kristen did not. Rob lost to (a great actor, if I do say so myself) Johnny Depp, and Kristen lost to (another one of my favs) Sandra Bullock.

Paramore (who contributed to the Twilight soundtrack) won Favourite Rock Band.

Queen Latifah also paid tribute to New Moon in a skit for the show!

via Examiner, Thinking Of Rob, New Moon Movie

10 'Twilight' moments to look forward to in 2010

It's officially 2010, and you know what that means . . . another year of Twilight!

1. The Twilight Saga: Eclipsetrailer

This is, right now, one of the most immediately anticipated moments in the Twilight fandom. We've already seen one still (showing Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in the meadow), the title art, and the first promotional poster for the film. Yet, only six months out from the movie's release, there's not much about Eclipse (aside from the devoted Twittering from director David Slade) that has been seen. There's been a bit of speculation about when and where the first trailer will debut, but even Slade himself has stated that he doesn't know. If the first trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is anything like the one forThe Twilight Saga: New Moon, though, it'll be a monumental occasion . . . Can't wait to see those reaction videos!

New Moon Parody...


Screenshot of their website:

Razzies for Rob and Kris?? No way!

OK, now before y'all go ballistic on this, keep in mind these are simply theories (read: opinions), and should not be taken seriously. I'm saying this cos I disagree with it, hence I call it a theory/opinion.

LA Times columnist Tom O'Neil wrote up about the upcoming Razzie nominations, and pointed out that, as do many forumers on LA Times' forum, New Moon should get a Razzie nom!!

Access Hollywood’s Top 9 Of 2009: The Twilight Trio are #2

TayLautner in, RPattz out?

HitFix came up with a list of things they predict for movies this year, in terms of what is hot (What's In) and what it not (What's Out). 

Among things in their list of Ins and Outs are:

* Rob Pattinson (Out), Taylor Lautner (In)
* Ashely Greene (Out), Anna Kendrick (In)
* Vampires (Out), Zombies (In)

OK, I love Taylor and Anna, I really do, but Rob is SO NO OUT, and neither is Ashley! But I guess they made this up just for fun and is merely a prediction. Time will tell (I can so tell Rob's star power is just about to rise... Ashley's too)...

New Moon trailer Most Viewed in 2009

Yahoo! Movies came up wth their list of the Top 10 Most Viewed Trailers of 2009, and New Moon tops the list!

Of course it would. I've watched every one of those three trailers about 10 times, and I still get overly excited when it ends :D

New Moon meets Disney

Check out this incredible video mash-up using audio from New Moon trailers and clips from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Great editing, genius work!

via NMM

Rob and Kristen in the UK!

Rob and Kristen has been spotted! Fan photos have emerged over the New Year's and indicated that they are in the UK... Well, Rob was already spotted back in London, so what was Kristen doing there?? Hmmm... ;)

Sources say that they aren't exactly in the UK, but on some island called Isle of Wight. On location for a movie, perhaps??

via Twicrack

New Moon break-up scene!!

Check out this footage of the break-up scene from New Moon, shown at the Rome Film Festival. Supposedly, it's different from the final cut!
There's another one, which is 10 minutes, but it was already removed... :(
via Twicrack

The Hillywood Show's New Moon parody preview

The guys and girls of The Hillywood Show is doing it again, this time they are making a parody of New Moon!

Looks sorta funny, though. Hopefully this turns out real good, like the Twilight one.