Twilighters do good

This isn't Twilight-related, but I feel that this is worth posting.

Fansite Thinking Of Rob is getting Rob off their mind for a bit to encourage and speard the message to help the island of Haiti, which was recently struck by a tsunami. The destruction was massive.

We in Malaysia once experienced it, but it was not as terrible. Play your part in spreading the mssage. I know that we can't really do much, but by speading the word that they need help is good enough.

If you're on Twitter, follow @ThinkingOfRob and get updates from them. If you wish to make a contribution to the American Red Cross (who is currently there to provide aid), log on to their website here. For others, keep them in your prayers.

A round of appaluse goes the the girls of ToR for their proactive effort, and also to show that Twilighters are human beings too.


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