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Happy New Year 2009!!

Hey guys!
It's less than 8 hours to midnight! I would like to thank all the fabulous Followers. You guys are truly Twihards! Also, thank you to Malay Mail for CyberSpotting this blog, and also to Cinema Online. Lastly, thank you all for supporting this blogsite of mine. Hope to make it official someday...fingers crossed...
Have a Happy New Year 2009!!

Just Jared: Cam Gigandet wears a kilt

Just has photos of twilight star Cam Gigandet shopping at Barney's New York wearing a kilt...
Nice! Check out more photos at the Media page
** credits:

MSN Year in Review 2008: Regrettable Trends

MSN posted up a slideshow on Regrettable Trends in Pop Culture under their Review of 2008 article. twilight is in the list.
Totally disagree with this one (hardly anyone regrets twilight!), thought the reason why twilight is on their list is... interesting.
"In the weeks before the movie came out, fans of the book series stormed suburban malls to see the Boy Who Would Play Edward. Injuries happened -- including some self-inflicted neck wounds because, apparently, not all fans are aware that Edward is just a pretend vampire/perfect boyfriend/accomplished Volvo driver.
The backlash may have already begun, though. It started with the fourth book in the series, which featured some bruising love scenes and a medical procedure that will forever be referred to as "The Edwardian Section." And it was sealed with the release of the movie. Even though fans mostly loved it, they also snickered at the rather over-the-top dialogue.
"You better hold on tight, spider monkey!" is …

Fotogramas Spanish interview

Fotogramas has an interview with Catherine Hardwicke, Kristen Stewart, and Cam Gigandet. The audio is in English, but it has Spanish subtitles.
It's posted at the Media page.

Words of the Year 2008

Canada.comreports on the annual American Dialect Society's Word of the Year competition.
This year, among the many words nominated, the word 'Twi-hard' are among them. According o the article, Twi-hard "rhymes with "die hard" and describes a fan of Stephenie Meyer's bestselling Twilight book series".

Blst Magazinne: Top 10 Twilight series moments

Blast Magazine came up with a list of their Top 10 Twilight series moments. The moments are from twilightuntil breaking dawn.
Click here to see the list.

Box Office Mojo 2008 Yearly Box Office

Box Office Mojo released its 2008 Yearly Box Office List.
A huge round of applause for twilight!! It's at No. 8!

Robert Pattinson Defends Heath Ledger’s Honor

RPattz does good!

Earlier this month, RPattz attended a show at a place called The Improv (at the US, I think...). A (tacky & heartless) comic made a joke out of the death of the late actor Heath Ledger (How mean!!).
RPattz felt offended and hurt, so he stood up for Ledger! Pattinson reportedly yelled “F**k you! You suck!” at the comic’s attempt at humor.
*Report and photo: Hollywood Dame.

Vanity Fair: Twilight

Well, as ya'll are already well informed, the December issue of Vanity Fair features the twilight cast in a photoshoot. Previously, photoshoot outtakes have been posted for ya'll. Now, I have the article and behind-the-scenes video.

The article is here, while the video is at the Media page.

Archive Article:

This article is posted on's website waay back in May 2008, 6 months before the twilight movie premieres.

The article is by Eric D. Snider, Stephenie Meyer's fav movie critic. It's about the whole twilight fandom.

Read the article here.

Twilight Was Bigger than Dark Knight?!

E! Onlinereported that with USD167.3M overall US domestic take as Sunday, 28th Dec, twilight made more than 4 times its initial budget, USD37M. It is considered the best rate of return on any film in the 2008 Top 10, including The Dark Knight!!!

Kristen Stewart smoking weed?

Wow. This is SO surprising.

Kristen Stewart has been snapped smoking what seems to be marijuana! Whether she is a drug addict, or is this medical marijuana to relieve stress, no one knows for sure.

Hollywirereports, while photos are on TMZ.

** UPDATE: News of The World UK puts this pic of Kristen as one of the 50 Most Shocking Celeb Photos of 2008.
p/s This is post no. 200!!

Akward twilight bits

Inside Bay Area posted an article about teen's choices and something else. In it, there are also 'akward twilight bits'.
It's fun to know...

Twilight surpasses Quantum of Solace

Rotten Tomatoes and also Box Office Mojo reports on this week's Top 10 US Box Office movies. Although twilight is now out of the top 10 (it's at No. 12), the total gross (USD167.1M) has surpassed the gross of Quantum of Solace (USD164.3M) !! Yay!! twilight is now in its 6th week.
*photo: Everglow

Last Look: 10 Biggest Showbiz Events of 2008

Entertainment Weekly compiled a slideshow, giving a last look at the 10 biggest events in the entertainment world, which (yay!!) includes twilight!
Newly minted movie star Robert Pattinson signed autographs for the teeming crowd of teen vampire fans who showed up to see Stephenie Meyer's best-selling book hit the big screen. The film had earned $175 million by mid-December.

Movie Mistakes:Top 10 of 2008

Right. Previously, I posted that twilight has a max of 44 movie mistakes. Now, it has 48, and is ranked No. 2 in the Top 10 list, behind 'Indiana Jones 4 (68)'.
In another related news, Movie Mistakes' blog posted up an article, which places twilight at No. 4 with 41 mistakes... Puzzled? Me too...
Anyway, we don't really care about mistakes, do we? As long as the movie's good...

Vanity Fair Q&A: Ashley Greene

Vanity Fair did a Q&A session with Ashley Greene. This one is, like, a month ago... sorry...
"VF: Did you immediately like Twilight when you first read it?
AG: Oh my gosh, yes. My managers can vouch for how badly I really wanted the part, and my friends and family know how hard I worked on it. I can relate with the fans as far as how they’re in love with the Edward character, because he’s literally this perfect being and I totally get it. It’s so funny working with all these people and seeing them in real life. I’m just as big a fan of Stephenie [Meyer] and of the books as anybody else. I just happened to get the opportunity to portray Alice."

ABS-CBN remake of “Twilight” a hoax

Aha! confirms that the rumours surrounding the remake of Twilight by Filipino broadcasting company ABS-CBN is a hoax!
Read the article here.
**UPDATE: ABS-CBN gave an official statement regarding the rumour, saying that there is 'no truth to the web rumors'.

To All Followers!!!

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Jackson Rathbone interview

Jackson Rathbone had an exclusive interview with Bloody Disgusting on the set of his upcoming movie, Dread.
The video is posted on the Media page.
*credits: HisGoldenEyes

NYT: Blockbuster Openings, Lackluster Box Office

The New Tork Times has an article, discussing about movies this year, concentrating on box office intake. The article covers various movies, including twilight.
"What a year for movie openings. I mean, who could forget “Twilight”? Teenagers screaming for free tickets outside the dual-theater Westwood premiere here. Mayhem in the malls. Girls thirsting for Robert Pattinson. Box-office projections growing bigger and bigger as online vendors sold out theater after theater."
Read the entire article.

Vampires made 90210’s teens look fake

The National Post (Canada) came up with a very interesting article under Cultural Lessons. They compared twilight with teen drama 90210.
Read it here.
*photo: HisGoldenEyes.

LivingUK interviews Twilight stars

LivingUK interviews the twilight star RPattz & KStew.
“I’m overwhelmed every single time,” says an incredulous looking Robert Pattinson. The subject this budding heartthrob is discussing is the screaming fans that greet his every premiere appearance – and he’s really not getting used to it. “I don’t know why I’m not getting used to it because it’s happening everywhere we go,” he adds with a laugh, “but I don’t think anyone can.”

Read the whole interview here.

Year in Review 2008: Literature

Dallas News sheds some light on this year's literary news. Stephenie Meyer is at No 3.
"If you think 110,000 books sounds like a lot, it's nothing compared with the 7 million copies sold of Ms. Meyer's Twilight saga, about teenage Bella and her vampire boyfriend, Edward. It was a big year for the author, who turned 35 on Christmas Eve: She published her first adult novel, The Host, in May; the final Twilight volume, Breaking Dawn, in August; and saw the film version of Twilight land in theaters in December.
Read the rest of the article here.

CNN: Top 10 Entertainment Stories

CNN compiled a slideshow of this year's Top 10 Entertainment Stories. twilight is at No. 10.
Click here to view.

MTV Best Of 2008: Best Movie Set Visits lists twilight as one of their Best Movie Set Visits in 2008!
MTV asks the cast: Who would win in a fight between the "Harry Potter" witches and the "Twilight" vampires?

Click here to view the video.

Fandango's Most Anticipated Blockbusters of 2009

Fandango recently published its annual Hot List, which includes its results for the Most Anticipated Blockbusters of 2009.
twilight's sequel, new moon, appears on both the Women's and Men's List. new moon ranks at #2 on the Women's List, while it ranks #10 on the Men's.

Movie Mistakes: Twilight

Movie has finalised its 2008 list, and twilight is tied at the 2nd spot with Mamma Mia!. Both has at least 44 mistakes.
Click here to view the entire list, and here to see what mistakes appear in twilight.

Twilight on ETalk

ETalk (on Canada's CTV) interview the twilight cast. They interviewed Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed, and Rachelle Lefevre.
Check out the vid here.

Vanity Fair 2 extra outtakes

Robert Pattinson Daily has put up 2 new outtakes from the Vanity Fair photoshoot earlier in the year.
The first one is posted here, and the second one is here.

Want the RPattz hair?

OK, people. For ya'll girls who want their boyfriend to have the RPattz hair (pre-buzz cut, that is...), eHowtells you how to get that hair. Interesting..

Top Ten Eligible Hollywood Bachelors

Your Tango reveals their pick for 2008's Top Ten Eligible Hollywood Bachelors. No surprise who's on the list. 
See the entire list here.

Paramore wants in!

Paramore hopes to be included in new moon, since they were in on twilight. Gossip Teenreports.
Let's hope they will write a song for new moon! Cross 'em fingers!

Nuking the Fridge: Ridiculous Movie Moments of 2008

Apparently, one scene in twilight, which many fans really like, has been considered by Yahoo! Movies as one of The Most Ridiculous Movie Moments of 2008!! It's the baseball scene!!
The scene, or moment, is likened to the term 'Nuking the Fridge', a reference to the Indiana Jones 4 scene...
Read it all here.

Phenomena of 2008: Twilight

The National Post (Canada) named twilight as one of their Phenomena of 2008!
Click here to read the article.

Rookies of 2008 Rocks On!!

MTV has an article on the "Rookies And Breakouts Of 2008 -- From Taylor Swift To Robert Pattinson -- Proved Pop Culture Belongs To Teens Again".
Both RPattz and KStew is on the list.

omg! hottest hunks list

omg! on Yahoo! churned out their top 25 Hottest Hunks in Hollywood list for this year.
RPattz is on the list at No. 7!! Just think, barely a year ago, people only knew him as 'the guy from that Harry Potter movie'...
Check out the complete list here.

Poll #4: Who would you recast to play Jacob Black?

OK, guys. The debacle on the role of Jacob Black in new moon is still on! Since the director has not decided yet, fans worldwide gave their opinion. Here, I asked for yours. This is what ya'll gave me.
64% of ya'll wants the original Jacob Black, Taylor Lautner to be back for new moon, Kudos to you guys!!
17% of you guys voted for the-guy-who-hasn't-done-much-major-major-flicks-but-is-still-well-known-for-his-hotness, Steven Strait.. woo!!
11% thinks that the producers should go out and hunt for a new Jacob, someone who is new and has raw, undiscovered talent. Who knows, there moght actually be a true Jacob out there...oooh!!
Only 5% of you guys think that the-guy-who-haven't-done-much-movies-to-talk-about-yet-is-still-known, Michael Copon... coolie.
Thanks for voting!!

The Buzz Log - New 'Do for the 'Twilight' Dude

The Buzz Blog on Yahoo! has a very interesting article on RPattz... His hair is still hot news, apparently...

J-14 interview

J-14 conducted an exclusive interview with Jacob Black-wannabe Michael Copon. Read about it here.

The Year in Twilight

It's near the end of 2008, and twilight has had an amazing, if not explosive, year. Beliefnet looks back at the year that was. Click here
Among the historical events in the twilight world happening this year are: 
May 9th: the movie trailer for "Twilight" takes the blogosphere by storm

August 2nd: "Breaking Dawn" comes out with enormous fanfare, midnight parties, and a NYC concert/book release event simulcast all over the web.

September 3rd: Stephenie Meyer's unfinished manuscript for "Midnight Sun"--which is "Twilight" told from Edward's perspective--is leaked online for all to read (but I do not!)

October 31st: "Twilight" fans are treated to a new movie trailer and start counting the days to the film's moved-up pre-Thanksgiving release date.
November 24th: It's official--regardless of reviews, the Twilight movie is a huge hit, grossing $70 million its first weekend.
December 15th: Though "Twilight" director C…


OK, guys. It's a lovely Christmas morning, and here are some Twi-words for ya'll.
E! Online's Celebrity Addictionary has new words connected to twilight, in one way or more. The words include 'Twicrack', 'Robaliciousness', 'Pattinsane' and 'Twilust'.

New Moon update

I just got this.
new moon is likely to be attained by the same twilight distributor locally (Tayangan Unggul) and plans are to make a simultaneous day-date release with the U.S., which is on 20 Nov 2009!! Just hope that this time around, some promo is done...

Woo hoo!! Props to Zee from CinemaOnline for the tip.

Yahoo!: Top 10 Box Office Movies of 2008

Yahoo! Movies compiled a slideshow of the Top 10 Box Office Movies of 2008.
twilight is at the 9th spot!!
Click here to view.

Dress up RPattz!

Stardoll now allows you to dress up RPattz!! Click here.
They're gonna add KStew soon, too.

USA Today Top 100 People of 2008

Our FHV Spunk Ransom is at No. 2o in USA Today's Top 100 People of 2008 list.
No. 1 goes to Tina Fey. Click here to see the list.

Something funny...

The Urban Erma from Stage Time magazine has a sorta-funny article on twilight, saying that it 'might be hazardous to your relationship'.. whatever that means..

Twilight in trouble?

This you must go hunt for!!
The latest Life & Style mag issue (Dec 23rd, I think...) reports on twilight, and RPattz is on its cover!! 
The mag claims to have the real story behind all the twilight drama, including out-of-control partying, RPattz's on-set love triangle, a beloved star getting fired (we all know who that is...), and fans' reactions. 
More info, click here.

Happy Birthday!!

It's Stephenie Meyer's birthday today, December 24th!!!!
Happy b'day Stephenie!!! You rock!!

Twilight makes money in the UK

GuardianUK reprots about twilight's opening in the UK.
The movie manage to make over £1m on the first day of its release! Cool!!
Click here to read more.

Twilight, Filipino-style!

This news has been spreading all over the web!
Perez Hilton reports that a TV version of twilight is currently in production in the Phillipines!!
However, Pinoy fans are not so keen on it. They even have a petition to halt its production! Imagine that...
Just think, what if Malaysia decides to do its own version... ROTFL!!

'Chain Letter' trailer

The first trailer for Nikki Reed's latest project, 'Chain Letter' has appeared online. The story tells of a maniac who murders teens when they refuse to forward chain mails.Creepy stuff... Check out the trailer below. 

info: Lion&

"Breaking Dawn" Bests Readers' Top 10 Books of 2008

All Headline News posted their list of readers' Top 10 Books of 2008.
Although receiving mostly negative reviews, fans still couldn't enough of Bella and Edward's growingly twisted love story. Thus, Breaking Dawn gets the No. 1 spot.
Click here to check out other book in the list.
Source: AHN

Life post-Twilight

Now that twilight is over, and new moon is in pre-production, let's see what the twilight stars are up to (besides new moon, that is...).
Rob Pattinson 1. Little Ashes
Kristen Stewart 1. Adventureland 2. Welcome to the Rileys 3. The Runaways 4. K-11
Billy Burke  1. Baby O
Jackson Rathbone 1. S. Darko 2. Dread 3. DaZe: Vol. Too (sic) - NonSeNse 4. Hurt 5. The Last Airbender (rumored) 
Nikki Reed 1. K-11  2. Last Day of Summer 3. Privileged  4. Chain Letter  
Ashley Greene 1. Summer 2. Skateland
Peter Facinelli  1. The Absinthe Drinkers 2. Thicker 3. Nurse Jackie (TV) (rumored)  4. Reaper 
Cam Gigandet 1. Pinkville 2. Kerosene Cowboys (rumored)  3. Kid Cannabis 4. Pandorum 5. Five Star Day  6. The Unborn  7. Making Change 
Elizabeth Reaser 1. Against the Current
* source:

The Brits love Twilight!

OK. We all know that twilight recently premiered in the UK. So, what did the UK critics have to say?
Well, Rotten Tomatoesreported that the UK critics lurve twilight, giving it a 95% Fresh rating (compared to the 45% Rotten rating given by US critics). Awesome.

Robert Pattinson: I'm not good looking

Rob speaks to NineMSN. Read it here.
Have your say!

Hot or not?

Hot or not. That is what NineMSN's asking you about Rob's new hairdo. Click here to vote.

Addictionary Word of the Day: Pattronize

Interesting, isn't it?
E! Online's Celebrity Addictionary added 'Pattronize' in its list. The verb means 'To humor one's Twilight-obsessed friends'. Read more on it, here. It's synonymous with 'Cullenize'...

RPattz spotted with...

Camilla Belle!! It's true!! 
Times of the Internet reports.

For the New Year!!

Just in time!
The new year is just around the corner, and WikiHow has details for ya'll who plans to go out and have fun as a Cullen this year!
Click here for details on how to be a Cullen.

Rob out and about

Look! It's Rob, out and about with his new 'do. He's out with Nikki Reed to get some... packing boxes.
*photo: Twilight Addicts

Blast from the past

Here's something from MTV's "Twilight Tuesday" archive. The stars answer more of fans' burning questions ... like what it's like to kiss RPattz.

Go All the Way...

Perry Farrell's vid for the track 'Go All the Way (Into the Twilight)' from the twilight movie soundtrack is now up on YouTube. Trust me, this vid is sorta un-twilight-ish...

Radio 1 interview

BBC Radio 1 interviews Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.
It's a radio interview, so it's in audio form on the site...

Happy Bday!!

It's Jackson Rathbone's bday today, December 21st!!

Happy 24th BDay!!
*photo: I Felt Hope

BTS:Twilight on E!

Catch BTS:twilight today, 21st Dec, at 1.50pm. On E! (ch 712 astro)

year-end poll

Moviefone has a Year-End Movies Poll, and twilight needs your help.
Vote here!

Lookie here...


MTV Twilight review

MTV Asia gave their review on twilight. It might be late for us, but twilight just premiered in Singapore a few days ago. 
Read it here!


OK guys. The other day, there were rumours that Paramore's single for twilight,'Decode' might be nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song. Well, the list of songs (49 songs) which will be in the running for a nomination for that Oscar has been released. Bad news, guys. 'Decode' ain't one of them. Click here to see which songs are nominated.
Good news. 'Decode' is currently No. 1 on MTV Asia's Amplified chart. Yay!!

Cast reports

Teen TV has an interview with RPattz.
J-14interviews Michael Copon.
Also, Seen It UKinterviews the cast of twilight.

Twilight MTV update

MTV recently awarded all female Twilighters Woman of the Year 2008!!
MTV is giving you a chance to upload your video on your acceptance speech. More info, click here.
Twiguys, ya'll are not forgotten. Check out a vid by a Twiguy here.
Also, Kellan Lutz & Ashley Greene will be playing lovers in a new flick, 'Warriors'. Click here.
Ashley also expressed her excitement over Chris Weitz directing new moon.

UK reviews

Ya'll know that twilight premieres in the UK on 18th December, right?
Well, the reviews are out. Check out the reviews presented byThe Daily Mail, Guardian, Evening Standard, The Mirror UK, and from The UK Telegraph.

Emmett in vids!

Check out what Kellan Lutz does with his spare time.
He's in a vid with Hilary Duff, 'With Love'

He's in teen drama 90210, as George Evans. Here's a clip.

He's also in Hinder's new vid, 'Without You'. Embedding disabled, thus here's a link.

Twilight on

MTV has vids on RPattz, Ctherine Hardwicke, and also some of the cast members.
View the first one, featuring RPattz, here.

New Moon egg hunt

Hey guys.
Just to remind ya'll, Amy will be organizing a New Moon Egg Hunt. She conducted a Twilight Egg Hunt last year. 
If you have a Friendster page, then you are eligible to enter. For more info, click here.

KStew speaks!

Kristen Stewart talks to BBC about being not good at fame.
Read the interview here.

RPattz news

Some stuff on Spunk Ransom.
There are new updates on his upcoming film How to Be. Rob Pattinson Lifereports.
Also, Entertainment Tonight has a report on the rumour that RPattz might be in POTC4. It's not true, guys...
Got a Facebook page? Be a fan of How to Be!

she's still hot news

twilight director Catherine Hardwicke is still hot!
IGN has an interview with her. Read it here.

Steph did it again

Our fav author, Stephenie Meyer is in the list of MSN Lifestyle's Most Influential Women of 2008!!

Congrats!! See the list here.

Taylor Lautner Talks About His Campaign To Stay On 'New Moon'

For Team Jacob!
Taylor Lautner spoke to MTV, saying that he hasn't been told a 'no' to returning for new moon, and thus has been working out to appear large enough for the role.
Full article, here.

MTV loves you

Ya'll have been named MTV's Woman of the Year 2008!!
Take a bow, breathe, and scream!!!
Full story, here.
UPDATE: Ashely Greene and Taylor Lautner agree with MTV. More info, click here.

some more stuff

Additional articles to keep you busy...
MTV crowned KStew one of the Teem Queens who Ruled 2008. View the full story here.
PopStarinterviews Michael Copon.
RPattz called sports 'stupid'! Ha! Full article here.
FILMDetailsinterviews RPattz.
Finally, click here to send in your vote for RPattz in the 2008 Z Awards, by Z100 New York radio station.