Poll #4: Who would you recast to play Jacob Black?

OK, guys. The debacle on the role of Jacob Black in new moon is still on! Since the director has not decided yet, fans worldwide gave their opinion. Here, I asked for yours. This is what ya'll gave me.

64% of ya'll wants the original Jacob Black, Taylor Lautner to be back for new moon, Kudos to you guys!!

17% of you guys voted for the-guy-who-hasn't-done-much-major-major-flicks-but-is-still-well-known-for-his-hotness, Steven Strait.. woo!!

11% thinks that the producers should go out and hunt for a new Jacob, someone who is new and has raw, undiscovered talent. Who knows, there moght actually be a true Jacob out there...oooh!!

Only 5% of you guys think that the-guy-who-haven't-done-much-movies-to-talk-about-yet-is-still-known, Michael Copon... coolie.

Thanks for voting!!


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