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Melissa Rosenberg talks even more on Breaking Dawn

As it nears production, more details about BD is emerging, thanks to screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg. She has one big responsibility, doesn't she? MTV caught up with her bat the recent Emmys to get some scoop.

In the midst of Emmy mania Sunday night (August 29) — Dresses! Nominees! Celeb couples! — which predictably revolved around the world of TV, pre-show viewers got a pleasant surprise as "Twilight" screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg made her way down a very long red carpet at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Naturally, when MTV News caught up with the busy scribe, we had to press her for another update on the progress of the "Breaking Dawn" scripts.

"They're coming along," Rosenberg said. "I just flew in last night from working with ['Dawn' director] Bill Condon, prepping the scripts. It's a lot of work, I'm exhausted," she added. Rosenberg also revealed that she's between 75 and 80 percent finished with the two screen…

Happy Anniversary, Edward and Bella!

Mr. and Mrs. Cullen celebrated their wedding anniversary on Friday, 13th August :D

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Anna Kendrick Defends ‘Twilight’ Fans

Isn't she a darling. Anna Kendrick spoke out about Twilight fans, defending (us) against haters.

Still, Kendrick bristled at the notion that “Twilight” fans, or “Twihards,” are a little overboard. “People like to make fun of the fans who camp out but people have renaissance faires; people do Civil War reenactments; people do what they like,” Kendrick said. “I’m tired of hearing people rag on the fans. If you don’t like ‘Twilight,’ don’t buy a ticket.”

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Caption This!: Teen Choice Awards

Caption this (slightly grainy) photo from the 2010 Teen Choice Awards. Have fun!
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New Moon rises over Teen Choice Awards 2010

Another award show, another chance for Twilight to grab as much honours (which no one bothers about, really, except for us fans) as they can.

Twilight grabbed 12 prizes at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards in L.A..Taylor Lautner nabs 3 awards and Rob got 1, both which were not Twilight-related.
Check out the winners' list, as well as photos after the jump.

Breaking Dawn films in Vancouver and Baton Rouge

Breaking Dawn has found two filming locations! First, the same place where New Moon and Eclipse was filmed, Vancouver, Canada. The second location is Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.
Lucky them. I still wonder where are they filming Isle Esme. Louisiana, perhaps?
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Eclipse, One Month Later

So, yeah, technically it's not a month yet in Malaysia, but it's already a month in the US. E! Online tally up Eclipse and compares it with the first two movies.

Vampires and shape-shifting wolves are not immune from the law of summer flings: Even the hottest ones inevitably cool, and so it has come to pass with Eclipse. The sequel's Top 10 run at the weekend box office is all but assuredly done. So, how'd it do? What'd it outdo? And is the franchise on the rise?

Let's find out.

Breaking Dawn: Part 2 release date announced!!

Part 2 will be released November 16, 2012!!!

That's ONE YEAR after Part 1 (November 18, 2011) !! O.O
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Melissa Rosenberg gives Breaking Dawn details

With Eclipse being a box-office success, focus has shifted to Breaking Dawn, the final movie in the saga. The director is set, the release date is confirmed, and the producer is chosen. The screenplay, however, still has some sketchy details. Not much has been revealed about it. A few interviews have been conducted with Melissa Rosenberg, the screenwriter for the Twilight movies, and little by little, she reveals some details about it.