Razzies for Rob and Kris?? No way!

OK, now before y'all go ballistic on this, keep in mind these are simply theories (read: opinions), and should not be taken seriously. I'm saying this cos I disagree with it, hence I call it a theory/opinion.

LA Times columnist Tom O'Neil wrote up about the upcoming Razzie nominations, and pointed out that, as do many forumers on LA Times' forum, New Moon should get a Razzie nom!!

He suggested that New Moon needs to be nominated because it is 'overrated', starting with Rob Pattinson for Worst Actor and Kristen Stewart for Worst Actress. WTH??!!

There is even a poll up on the page for readers to vote which movie they think will win Worst Movie, and New Moon is trailing behind Transformers 2 (and that is SO not a good thing, ladies and gents)...

OK, so honestly, I didn't think that their acting was that superb compared to the A+++-listers, but RPattz and KStew do not deserve a Razzie!!! >:(

Read the entire article here. Discuss it at our forum as well.


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