David Slade tweets Eclipse progress

Looks like David Slade has been busy lately. Check out his recent tweets on the progress of Eclipse!

Big day, screening 1st director's cut to the studio phase 1. THis will be the first time anyone out of editorial has seen the cut. 
about 6 hours ago from web

Onwards we cut, I am watching the great Art Jones tighten our edit, poor Jacob is on his broken rib bed, raining outside, lunch soon.. 
12:52 PM Jan 20th from web

Bah paranoid people, the good people at Summit and I get on great. I just don't know when the trailer will be released. 
12:45 PM Jan 20th from web

So just to clear this up, the Trailer is out of my hands, I would love to release one but its down to Summit. I don't know when. 
11:50 AM Jan 20th from web

Edit getting finer and finer, film now running at a great length. Lots of SFX work to do but we feel good. 11:46 AM Jan 20th from web

New Year's gift was cancelled. Out of my hands unfortunately. I tried. On another note our edit is driving towards the finish line... 
11:58 AM Jan 13th from web


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