New Moon DVD official cover

Woah... intense.

You can sign up for the newsletter here which will inform you when the DVD is going to be released! There's also the Blu-Ray edition.

One thing, though. There is going to be the Malaysian edition as well. Now, obviously it's gonna be slightly different. But, the US will have millions of editions, like the Twilight DVD. It has the Borders, the standard, the Special Edition, the Target... AND these versions are different from each other.

Whereas the Malaysian edition is like all of these different ones combined together! For instance, on the Malaysian version, there's a Catherine Hardwick Vampire Kiss Montage, right? Well, that particular montage is not included in the U.S. Special Edition DVD, but only in the Target edition! How lucky are we!

Still you guys can pre-order the US edition first. Rest assured, I will try to order the Malaysian edition for you guys.



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