found connection!!

Hey guys! Finally, I was able to get back online. I found some juicy details on 'Twilight', both the movie and the book.

'Twilight' had raked in USD70.55 million !! Read it here.

''Twilight" is in the running for 2 Oscars (!!). But, it ain't Best Actor nor Actress... It's actually Best Score and Best Song. Read the article here.

Then, MTV Movies has an article about New Moon, and how it 'will be dark and spectacular'. Read it here.

As the movie rakes in more money, the books still stay at the four of the five top spots on Bestseller's List. Read about it here.

Finally, hope you guys picked up the Malay Mail on the 24th Nov, cos the CyberSpot page highlighted this blog!! Click here to read the article. Props to Malay Mail!!


  1. Hey, I caught the article in Malay Mail! Very cool! Glad to have discovered this site. :) Looking forward to watching the movie adaptation albeit it wouldn't do much justice to the book. Still, stoked! :D


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