Soundtrack is out!!

I know that the official site says the Twilight soundtrack is gonna be released on the 18th Nov, but I found a copy of it yesterday!!!!! and of course, I picked it up without thinking twice. It's RM44.90 if I'm not mistaken... like i said, wasn't thinking...

The cover and CD looks like this...

And I got this fold-out poster...eeeee....

Hurry! Go get it!!


  1. Its already out? Where did you get it. Is it the limited edition version with bonus song from Paramore (Decode - Acoustic version) and Robert Pattinson's other song called Let Me Sign?

    btway, I just bought the Twilight Calendar at Borders. Its RM53.90!

  2. Nope.. No acoustics here... that will be on the Deluxe Edition if nt mistaken.. nt sure if there will hv it here or not...

  3. ms fadz, my boyfriend bought me the twilight cd yesterday(he got it from speedy video midvalley).. go check it out if they still have copies.

  4. Thanks, Naddy! Wld have to get it later tonite.


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