Twilight Pop Funkos Finally Exists

If you're a fan of Pop Funkos, or things that you can collect, then this Twilight-themed collection is a must!

Fall in love again with Edward, Bella, Jacob, and Jane as they continue their epic saga as Pop! figures. Edward is available in multiple versions including his gray pea coat and wedding tuxedo, and Bella is available in her vampire form and wedding dress. Also coming this fall are Jane and Jacob rounding out the Twilight collection. And look for these awesome retail exclusives including Edward in Vampire form (only at Barnes & Noble) and sparkle Edward (only at Hot Topic).

It's coming in September, and I assume it will be on or something.
I want one of Edward in his pea coat, Edward in his wedding tux, and Bella in her wedding dress!
But why do they all look so angry, though?


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