New Eclipse cast!

Ooh! IMDb has listed three more actors in roles for Eclipse. It's interesting that the names only appear now, when Eclipse has already wrapped up production... hmmm...

Anyway, these are the new cast.

First, there's Monique Ganderton.She will be playing a beautiful vampiress... from Jasper's past perhaps? Or a newbie vampire turned by Victoria?

Then, there's Ben Geldrich. He will be playing John. From what I gathered from, he's a minor character from Rosalie's past.

Finally, there's Justin Rain. No, not Rain, the Korean singer/actor (trust me, there's tons of sites that got this wrong). He's a totally different guy. He will be playing a Quileute warrior. He's a stage actor, and previously worked with a current Eclipse cast, Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater).

via EclipseMovie


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