OMG! Eclipse teaser is out there somewhere!!

David Slade, the director of Eclipse, has been bombarded by Twihards about the Eclipse teaser. His response via Twitter:

Overwhelming question I see again and again - When is the first trailer for Eclipse? I really don't know I am afraid. I know they are working very hard on it. But I don't have any idea when it will be out.

However, someone somewhere out here must have gotten their hands on it, for someone else has supposedly seen it!! *faints*


Rob Pattinson Online sneaked a peek at the teaser!!

I typed the text that Pizzalicious wrote on IMDb about the Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer. 

I saw the teaser.

The first part was from New Moon. The very end. Where Edward said ‘Marry me Bella’. Then the Summit logo came on screen. You heard a radio or something says that there have been a lot of murders in Seattle and we saw Riley running. We then saw Charlie say to Bella ‘I don’t want you going into Seattle and more Bells. It’s not safe. We were then in Bella’s room and Bella is talking to Edward about how scared she is that Victoria is coming after her. Then the last part of the trailer was up the top of the mountain and we see her coming in for Bella and Bella screaming ‘EDWARD’. Then the logo came on screen.



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