Hot Magazine reviews New Moon

Here's a review from Hot Magazine.

What’s it about: Hot vamp Edward Cullen (Pattinson) and Bella Swan (Stewart) are handling their seemingly doomed relationship pretty well. One drop of blood, however, changes everything and the star-crossed lovers go their separate ways. Enter one abs-olutely hunky wolf in the form of Jacob Black (Lautner) to make Bella feel better.

Why it’s hot: It’s totally understandable why there is a Team Edward and a Team Jacob. The boy’s have certainly worked (out) hard enough to deserve the hero worship. Another of the film’s plus points is the fact that the money that went into the CGI is cash well spent. The werewolf transformations are some of the coolest scenes in the whole film.

Why it’s not: It is virtually beyond comprehension why Bella is the object of the boys’ affections. Kristen has taken the tortured lamb thing too far and made Bella limp and unlikable. Edward is the one who is supposed to be without a soul, not her. Dakota Fanning, who plays volatile vamp Jane, displays more charisma in her much-too-brief appearance than Kristen does the entire film.

Verdict: New Moon does have two things working for it: 1) Taylor Lautner and 2) Robert Pattinson. It was a gush-fest every time the duo came on screen. We know this for a fact as we were sitting between very obvious Team Edward and Team Jacob die-hards. Other than that, some of the lines were corny to the point of being laughable and the so-called heroine made us root for the vamp after her blood. Twilight has passed and the New Moon has risen but we think that Eclipse, the next chapter in this tetralogy, will have little difficulty eclipsing this.

Rating: 2.5 Stars


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