Jack Morrissey Shares New 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Details

Jack Morrisey shared behind-the-scenes details about Breaking Dawn Pt. 2! They are a bit spoiler-ish, I guess, so tread with caution.

Q: Were the scenes in the Cullen Cottage filmed [in Part 2]?
Jack Morrissey: "Yes, of course!!! Didn't you see the exclusive footage at Target? That was in the cottage."

Q: In the Target sneak peak Edward asks Bella if she wants a bath. Will we see a vampire bath scene between them both?
Jack: No, something else happens after that moment that propels the plot.
Q: Will we see Garrett's speech against the Volturi?
Jack: "Too soon to tell"
Q: How many songs will Edward play?
Jack: As Ian McKellen improv'd while taking a martini off a party tray in Gods And Monsters, "Just the one."
Q: Were there body doubles used during the Breaking Dawn sex scenes? I don't think so but there are rumors online.
Jack: Okay, NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. Let's send that to all of the rumor-monger types with their busy rusty typewriters.
Q: Do you know how long Part 2 will be yet?
Jack: Nah, it's too early to tell. Then of course there are 2 - wait, 3 valid answers. No, I won't explain.
Q: In Part 2 will we see the part where Charlie comes to the Cullen house to talk to Bella?
Jack: Yep.
Q: Did Rob wear a wig in the additional shots for Breaking Dawn - Part 2?
Jack: not sure how it went down in the end, but the shots are in and guess what? He looks EXACTLY THE SAME!!

via TwiExaminer


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