Rob and Kristen on set; new Robsten rumours

New on-set phtots of Rob and Kristen.
Kristen is spotted on the set of The Runaways, carrying a large case on one hand and a cancer stick on the other.
It's Day 8 of Rob on the Remember Me set. Here, he is seen filming a scene with co-star Emilie de Ravin, and a giant panda.
Rumour has it that when Kristen saw the photos of Rob and Emilie kissing on the Remember Me set, she flipped out!
OK! Magazine reports that Stewart was thrown into a state of emotional turmoil after seeing photos of Pattinson engaged in a beachside smooch-fest with his Remember Me co-star Emilie de Ravin. "She knows screen kisses are part of Rob’s job, but it doesn’t make things easier, seeing sexy photos of him and Emilie in full lip-lock,” says a source close to Pattinson and Stewart.
Just another rumour... not truth to this, obviously... OK! Magazine shouldn't be trusted for Twilight news...


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