New Moon updates

Heads up, people!!
It seems like Solomon Trimble ain't coming back for new moon. Aww.. that's too bad. He would be a good Sam Uley... Here's what he said, from Team Solomon.
"My agent heard from Summit Entertainment today that I will not be reprising the role of Sam in "New Moon." While I will cherish the experience of being involved in the first film, I am looking forward to many new opportunities in the future and would like to thank everyone for their support."
Posted on Solomon's personal MySpace and FaceBook.
The people of Team Solomon ain't giving up without a fight, so they are starting a petition! Good on them.
It's official! Rob is heading off to Vancouver! He was spotted partying at The Bar in Hollywood. Celebuzz reports:
Last night a Celebuzz spy caught the vampire hottie at The Bar, a watering hole on the edge of Hollywood, Ca. "He was sharing champagne with his group, passing it freely to others in the bar," the source says of the actor, who also noted RPattz was in very good spirits and, naturally, looking "very hot." What's better? At the end of the evening, with encouragement from his crowd, Pattinson resisted driving home and accepted a ride to a friend's house.
Hopefully the star got some shut eye, as Pattinson told the group he's headed to Vancouver, BC today to begin production on New Moon, the sequel to the blockbuster Twilight.
Can't wait for new moon!


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