New Moon may be filmed in Montepulciano, Italy

They are new rumours that New Moon will not be shot in Volterra, but instead in another Italian city, called Montepulciano.
2 readers posted on Twicrack:
Valdemar303 said:
they say that New Moon won't be shot in Volterra but in Montepulciano because the locations are "more beautiful for the movie"
the source is the official italian fanclub of the twilight saga. They took the news from Piera Detassis, the director of the main movie magazine in Italy. she was at dinner with the producers of the movie when the bomb was dropped!
Olguita also says:
"At lunch in Los Angeles with one of the producers of Summit Entertainment, responsible for, and now Twilight, New Moon, the continuation of the saga is from the books of Stephenie Meyer, the bomb explodes: Despite ads, previews and generous offers of all sorts from part of the Mayor and the City, the vampire sequel will not be filmed in Volterra, where the novel takes place, but in Montepulciano, where the troupe has found the location "to be the most beautiful film."
Understand Italian? Read the post at Twilight Italia.
Check out some awesome shots of Montepulciano at lion_lamb and


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