Twilight books in trouble?

It seems like one book in the Twilight saga is in trouble.
Breaking Dawn is missing from the shelves of Brockbank Junior High, in Salt Lake City. 
Stephenie Meyer's popular Twilight series chronicling the romance of a vampire and teenage girl is notoriously all build-up, no bite. But a parent's complaint over sexual content in the Mormon author's fourth novel, Breaking Dawn, coincided with the book's temporary absence from the library at Brockbank Junior High. Officials at the Magna school purchased copies of the book some time ago, but as of Wednesday hadn't placed them on library shelves. Principal Terri Van Winkle would not say whether the delay stemmed from a parent's complaint about a honeymoon scene in which sex is implied between the central characters Bella and Edward. But Granite School District officials confirm a complaint was voiced.
Here's something fun. The Seattle Times has an interesting article on the debacle between Harry Pottter fans and Twilighters.


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