New Moon news [UPDATED]

Hey guys! How's your week? Sorry for lack of updates. So here's a new post on everything New Moon.
Heidi has been casted! Sexy supermodel Noot Seear is reported to play the role of Heidi. E! reports:
I can exclusively reveal that Canadian supermodel Noot Seear has won the coveted role of the beautiful human bait in the Twilight sequel. Heidi is described in Stephenie Meyer's novel as a "fisher" who brings humans to the Volturi vampires to eat. She has "exceptional, unforgettable" beauty, which includes stunning legs, long hair and violet eyes. If y'all remember, 90210 starlet AnnaLynne McCord auditioned for the role, which insiders have described to me as being more of a cameo than anything else.
So who is this Noot Seear? The 25-year-old dark blond stunner hails from Vancouver, Canada. (Yup, that's where director Chris Weitz just started shooting New Moon). She's 5 feet 9 inches tall and has blue eyes, according to her agency, One Model Management. Her measurements? 34-24-34.
She began modeling when she was about 13 years old and moved to New York City "for more exposure," New York magazine has reported. Since then Seear has appeared in spreads in Elle, Cosmopolitan and Vanity Fair. Her ad campaigns have included Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein's CK One fragrance, Vera Wang Bridal and Pantene Pro-V. She's also walked several catwalks for designers like Ralph Lauren, Balenciaga, Lanvin and Alexander Wang.
New Moon Movie reports that filming at Jacob's house has begun!
We’ve got a couple of reports in that New Moon is now filming at the set for Jacob Black’s house . However, security is super-tight and no pictures have surfaced yet.
Meanwhile, the cast are also up to something. It seems that they are smoking more frequently this time. E! also reports:
Seems like uncleanliness isn't the only vice going on up in Vancouver. We're told by one of the New Moon castmembers (for all of you who are bitching and whining that we make this crap up) that their bonding sesh's not only include homemade dinners, but also group chain smoking. But guess what they're all so busy puffing away on? "Just plain ol' cigarettes," said a Twilight hanger-on. "But, like, tons of them. I think they smoke more than they have sex, actually."
Our fav hottie vamp, Rob, however, has different issues...
We got word from people hotly preparing to work up in Vancouver for New Moon that Rob P. causes quite the commotion on set. "He stinks. I mean, it's awful. He never showers, and it drives people on the set crazy," dishes someone who works in very close quarters with Pattz. Apparently our shaggy-haired love never rinses that bod of his, as Keanu and Brad have famously not done, as well, during extended periods of their hunky lives. Like, ever. And it's past the point of a little BO. "He completely reeks," complains an annoyed crewmember.
**UPDATE** Amanda, the Twilight Examiner thinks that attack on Rob's hygiene is ridiculous.
I personally think that it is Rob's unbelievably honest candor that has gotten him into trouble, here. Despite what may be the truth behind these allegations, sensationalism and the media go hand in hand. While it is very endearing, in my book, to see Rob tell truths instead of giving reporters feathery side-steps when asked simple questions, it is obviously doing more harm than good with his media attention of late. In an interview on Leno, Robert Pattinson sat next to the lovely Heidi Klum, who told him that he might regret his charming sense of honesty in the long run.
Poor Rob. With the constant media frenzy surrounding him, the grace and dignity with which he addresses both the media (paparazzi aside) and his fans, the constant and ground-breaking success of his current works, and the beautiful photographs that continue to make headway across the globe of his clearly washed hair, that there would be more positive news surfacing from such sources. But alas, this is America, and we do love a scandal (for instance, see my response to attacks on Kristen Stewart). Too bad.


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