Kristen talks about New Moon

At a recent press junket for Adventureland, The LA Times talked to Kristen Stewart about New Moon.
Is she excited about going back to that world?
"I'm looking forward to all of the new aspects of the movie," she says.
In some respects, Stewart found more to work with in the second book.
"The first one was good because it was ultimate love, and abandon, and that’s good but it's kind of one-note."
Now Bella is growing up.
"She’s getting older," Stewart says. "Over the course of these four movies, she has to become a formidable partner, because in the end, and I don't think I'm ruining anything here, they end up together. And in the first one, he’s very much a man and she’s very much a child and she has to become more of a formidable partner."
And about her new buff Jacob, she admits that those new muscles are pretty hot. "He’s Jack. It's crazy.He did some serious gym time. He’s an entirely different person physically," she says. "It took him so much time and he’s so devoted. He’s amped!"
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