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The twilight world never sleeps. Here's why. Updates for ya'll Twihards!

These are for new moon and twilight:

The Insider gives a surprising report!!

Entertainment Weekly has new updates for new moon, and also discusses the possibility of a male director for new moon. EW also has a feature on which actor/actress would you recast if you can. 

Chicago Sun Times reveales Rob's and Kristen's opinion on Summit giving twilight director Catherine Hardwicke the boot.

St Louis' River Front Times gave their opinion on twilight.

Reelz Channel opened up their page for new moon.

These are related to the twilight cast.

AdelaideNow has an article on Kristen Stewart. Teen Vogue discusses her style.

Fanbolt has an interview with Peter Facinelli. 

Slashfilm reveals the cast of "The Last Airbender", which may feature Jackson Rathbone!

TV Guide interviews Billy Burke. See the video interview here.

Finally, from ContactMusic comes few interesting articles on our FHV, Spunk Ransom.


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