reading materials for ya!

In case ya'll run out of stuff to read on twilight in magazines, there's always the internet. Here's some.

Another end-of-the-year issue, another Hottest Guy List. This year's Cosmopolitan Hottest Guys of 2008 list includes our FHV, RPattz!! More info, here

Also, Tyra Banks set up a poll for her viewers to vote for their Top 5 Teen Hollywood Heartthrobs. 

The Electric New Paper has articles on Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Greene, and twilight. They also have an article on Twiguys...

Stephenie Meyer's official site issues a report

Everglow has scans of the twilight collector's card on their site. View them here.

Peter Facinelli talks to OK! Magazine about the'twilight director shakeup' issue, here.

Rosario Dawson ditches her dad for the twilight series this Christmas. People reports

The Improper has two articles on Rob. Click here, and here.

Black Book Magazine interviews KStew. Read it here.

Finally, the movie poster for KStew's new movie, The Cake Eaters, has been released. Check it out here


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