Closure for The Forgotten

Hi fellow Twilighters!

First off, I apologise for the much slack in updates for this blog. We all know there's nothing much happening in Twilight World anymore these days. Even Stephenie Meyer is sorta over it.

So, what should I do with this blog? Keep it, or delete it?

I felt that this blog need a closure. A sort of a thank-you note for everyone that have stuck around to comment, vote, view, read, criticise, etc. So here goes.

I thought of deleting this blog, but I've spent many precious hours on this blog, with all the editing, designing, and promotion. Sure, I'm not popular or famous, but I tried. The movie premiere in Kuching happened for Eclipse, so I guess that's an achievement (even if it is a collaborative effort).

Perhaps many of you rarely go through the posts anymore, or even dropping by. It's cool, I won't hate you for it. I haven't updated it in ages. I've been busy with my studies, and now that I've (finally) graduated (!), I'm trying to find a job in the 'real world'. Ha.

If you've stuck around since the early days of the blog way back in 2008 until today, then I thank you with all my heart. I thank you for acknowledging the existence of this humble blog (#humblebrag lol), as well as spreading the word about this blog. You guys are truly amazing, and I wish the best for everyone. The past 4-5 years blogging on this blog about everything Twilight has been an exciting and rewarding experience.

However, I do wish that we could have gotten more out of the Twilight experience here in Malaysia. We didn't have much of the special edition DVDs, movie merchandises, the hard-to-find Complete Film Archive, and especially Twilight Forever. It sucks, but we made it through. Yay us.

To affiliates, thank you for accepting requests and linking my blog. To Fandango, NBC Universal, and others (but not Summit nor Nusantara Edaran Filem), thank you for sending me links to Twilight-related videos as well as flash banners to help promote the Twilight films.  To The Malay Mail, thank you so much for featuring my blog when it was still starting to build up. Also to Cinema Online and its forum, from where this blog's idea started.

To my friends at Twilighters Malaysia, you guys made it to the big league! Congrats. You made a fandom grew into a community here in  Malaysia. Much respect to you!

No worries, this blog will still live on. I shall find time to update it in the coming year (2014 yeah!). More on the stars of the films. Or if maybe Stephenie Meyer decides to write a spin-off or something (unrelated to Bree Tanner, of course).

Best wishes to everyone, and have a Happy New Year!!



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