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Hey Twilighters!

Today's update will include a review, some art, the novel, the score, and something else.

First, a review from E!.

Get a portrait of you and Edward made on TwilightPortraits.com. FYI, you gotta pay for it...

There's an article by The Daily Mail UK  and Los Angeles Times on RPattz.

KStew has been listed as one of the Top 10 Best Dressed of Nov 2008 by Teen Vogue, thanks to the Balenciaga dress she wore at the twilight premiere.

ShockTillYouDrop and SnitchSeeker has interviews with the director Catherine Hardwicke. 

The twilight movie tie-in novel is out. It should be available in bookstores.... I found them at MPH.

The twilight score album will be released on December 9th.. Don't know if we are gonna get it here... Preview it on Amazon.com.

And something else... it's hidden...

Have fun!

btw, the photo above, I got from Amy's page.


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