'Dazzled by Twilight' Store Destroyed by Fire

The Twilight community is saddened by the news that a much-loved store in Forks, Washington has been destroyed by an early morning fire. 

Amy from P2P posted:

Early this morning, October 29, the building that housed Dazzled by Twilight in Forks, Wash. went up in flames.  The store closed in January of this year and according to news reports was banked owned.  For Twilight fans, Dazzled by Twilight was the shopping mecca of Forks while it was in business.  When I first traveled up to the Olympic Peninsula in October 2009, there were three Dazzled storefronts – one in Port Angeles and two in Forks.  The one in Port Angeles closed in December 2011 and the former store is now occupied  by an antique store.  The Dazzled by Twilight Forks locations closed suddenly on January 22, 2012. Dazzled wasn’t just a store, it was an environment.  They had a tree with Bella and Edward’s name carved into it. They had a mural of St. James Island off of La Push, archways and a clock reminiscent of Volterra, red ribbons on the ceiling and Twilight posters and artwork on the wall.  The website for Dazzled by Twilight is still up and you can see some photos inside to see what I’m talking about. It also was filled with Twilight merchandise, but I found the items to be overpriced to say the least and wondered if that contributed to its downfall. The fire began in the Rainforest Arts Center, a building known as the International Order of Odd Fellows Hall that was built in 1925, and spread to the former main Dazzled by Twilight storefront. Dazzled was located in the former Olympic Pharmacy building that went up in 1940 and the corner of Division Street and the U.S. 101.  Both buildings survived a 1951 wildfire that burned down much of the north end of downtown Forks. A cause of the fire has not been determined.

I've never been to Forks, so this news makes me sad that I have missed out on something special there.

via P2P


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