Zac Posen (Possible) Designer for Bella's Wedding Dress [UPDATED]

Will this potentially be Bella's wedding dress? A while back, before Eclipse, InStyle featured wedding dresses for Bella by top designers. The one pictured is by Zac Posen.

Now, reports have surfaced that Zac Posen will be designing Bella's wedding dress (for real!) for Breaking Dawn: Part I.

ET Online is profiling top celebrity wedding designers and in the Portia de Rossi/Ellen DeGeneres wedding photo (Portia's dress was designed by Zac Posen), it's stated: "the designer is also reported to be making the wedding gown for the character of Bella Swan in the 'Twilight' films."

The design above is a "pink gown (which) features a turn-of-the-century corset, bustle, full skirt, high-neck and dramatic detailed sleeves. Posen keeps to the vintage theme by finishing with lace-up boots."

Hmmm ... hopefully this ain't the final dress if he really does design the dress.

Twifans via TwiExaminer. Image by InStyle

The rumour is false. Read here.


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