No Summer Date for 'Breaking Dawn' ... yet

So we all know that Breaking Dawn: Part 1 will be released on 18th November 2011. What we do not know (for sure) yet is when Part 2 will premiere. MTV has an update on this.

In June, Summit Entertainment announced that “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” will be released as two separate films, with the first part arriving on November 18, 2011. Though no release date for the second part has been announced, the conventional wisdom has been that the second part would follow in the summer of 2012.

Not so fast. Summit distribution chief Richie Fay told MTV News that no such decision has been made and that the studio is still exploring multiple release dates, not just ones in the summer.

“We’ve targeted a number of dates, and we have yet to determine when it will happen,” Fay said. “We haven’t even determined that it will be the summer. It’s still the source of discussions.”

Of course, studios always explore various release dates for pictures, especially established blockbusters, and the fact that Summit hasn’t committed the second “Breaking Dawn” to the summer season shouldn’t be mistaken for confusion or indecision within studio headquarters.

via HGE


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