2010 MTV Movie Awards: New Moon highlights

The not-so-serious movie awards is once again dominated by the Twilight saga. If you missed it this morning, check out some highlights of the show involving New Moon. Remember to catch the re-runs!

Rob and Taylor as 'Bad-A** Cops'

A hilarious skit as the show opener, starring Rob, Taylor, and Tom Cruise as Les Grossman (from Tropic Thunder).

Kristen nabbed Best Female

Kristen won Best Female for New Moon! Her speech, however, is sorta everywhere, but it's so Kristen, and that's why we love her :)

Rob nabbed Best Male and Global Superstar

Rob won TWO Golden Popcorn this year, one for his performance in New Moon, and one for a new category, Global Superstar!! Yay Rob! He seems a bit thinner than usual though .. overworked?

Kristen and Rob won Best Kiss, again!

We voted, and they won, two years in a row! Also, two years in a row, the kiss is ... not there. Last year, it was dubbed a fake-out (pun on 'make out'). This year, they turned around with Rob's back to the camera. Again, no visible kiss. No worries, there's always next year!

Kristen, Rob, and Taylor presenting the new Eclipse clip.

We've been waiting for this! It was an interesting scene with Ed, Bells, and Jake. The clip got criticism from Twilighters because of Bella's attitude. I kinda agree. 

New Moon won Best Movie.

I was expecting Avatar to win due to its big following, but New Moon has a HUGE following, and nabbed Best Movie! Peter Facinelli gave the thank you speech, which is full of the F word! Carlisle would not approve of this...

Catch reruns of the show to watch everything in full motion. You know you want to ;) 

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