MTV Movie Awards 2010 LIVE!

The MTV Movie Awards 2010 will air LIVE on MTV tomorrow morning!! FYI, this is the telecast schedule, including repeats.

Monday, June 7
Pre-show: 8am (SIN/HK/MAL), 7am (WIB)
Main Show: 9am (SIN/HK/MAL), 8am (WIB)

Monday, June 7: 8pm (WIB), 9pm (SIN/HK/PH), 10pm (MAL)
Wednesday, June 9: 11am (WIB), 12pm (SIN/HK/PH), 1pm (MAL)
Saturday, June 12: 7pm (WIB), 8pm (SIN/HK/PH), 9pm (MAL)
Sunday, June 13: 2pm (WIB), 3pm (SIN/HK/PH), 4pm (MAL)
Tuesday, June 15: 8pm (WIB), 9pm (SIN/HK/PH), 10pm (MAL)

Will New Moon rake in as much golden popcorn as Twilight? We shall see :)

If you wanna check out the red carpet, click here to hang out with Twilighters Anonymous!


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