Seventeen Magazine’s Photoshoot With The Eclipse Guys!

Alex Meraz, Charlie Bewley, Kiowa Gordon, and Michael Welch  are featured on Hot Guys Of Eclipse! 

A Ruined Man “What I learned through my experience of dating young girls was that they loved bad boys. They like guys that don’t really care or have some kind of drama going on. Because I was an artist, I’d paint drawings of the girls. I’d do romantic things that I do not do now because of my lack of luck then.” —Alex Meraz

Always on the Move “I’m constantly evolving as a person in everything — career, friends, geography, lifestyle, and relationships. I just keep going and going until I’m happy with everything.”—Charlie Bewley

Tattooing His Love for You “I’m not into the whole inking-up-my-body thing, but if my girlfriend asked me to do it, I would. Her name is Kaiulani, so that would be a cool name on my back.”—Kiowa Gordon

The Guy You Grow Old With “I’ve only been in two relationships in my life, and I’ve maybe hooked up with a grand total of five or six people. In terms of my priority and how I think about it, I’m a committed guy. It was always more appealing to me to hear stories about an old couple who’s been together since high school and they’re now 89 years old.”—Michael Welch

via 17, EclipseMovie


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