Twilight Malaysia: A History

In celebration of this blog's anniversary a few days go, I'm gonna take you on a journey to the past, on how this blog started... a little history if you will...
The idea started from a forum on Cinema Online's page. I was already a Twilight addict ever since I got hold of Twilight back in late 2007. (Thanks to aidjfaz for the brilliant suggestion!) It was brought up by one of the forumers that Malaysia does not have a Twilight official site. After Googling up and down, I decided to start one. I didn't know how to build a website then, and also how to work on Wordpress, so I worked on Blogger (I already had a personal blog on Blogger, anyway...).
My first post was titled 'Breaking Dawn'... hihi :D
The blog started as just a simple background (black. See above...) I also made customized banner for the blog, which keeps on changing everytime I come up with a new banner.... can never stick to one, sorry... Then, I added the first background, a smoky, cloud background. Then, I made it a little bit special by adding Edward and Bella. That one stayed on until sometime this year when I replaced it with a dark brown background with Jacob and Bella for New Moon!
Just a year ago, the Twilight frenzy in Malaysia is on a very low scale. There's hardly any promo anywhere! Not many posters, no contests, no adverts! The most was a poster standee about a week or two before the movie premieres, The Star giving out free movie passes, a very very rare TV spot (of which I only caught once), Cinema Online's awesome microsite, and Galaxie magazine offering free passes and bookmarks. Guess no one could have predicted how big this worldwide mania would impact the Malaysian culture.
When Twilight premiered on 27th November 2009 in Malaysia, there's not that much hoopla going around about premiere parties, only a press event and special screening was held (at GSC I think...). Still, it was really awesome that Twilight raked in more than RM2 million!! Impressive for a movie which lacks publicity over here, yes?
Anyway, as the months go by, and the Malaysian fanbase grew, more Malaysian Twilighters fansite emerge. It's pretty cool to see something that started as a dream would impact the lives of so many people around the world, including Malaysia. These include Twilighters Malaysia, Twilightbest!, and Twilight Supporter.
Throughout the course of a year, I've received numerous news tips and support from Twilight fans out there, and I thank everyone, so, so much. I also got the blog affiliated with the big names in the Twilight blogosphere, such as Cullen Boys Anonymous, Twilight Superfan, and I also got connected to Twilight Singapore! A very special 'Thank You' goes out to Cinema Online, and also to The Malay Mail for Cyberspotting my blog :D
After a year, here we are, anticipating the release of New Moon, which is about 17 days away!!
As an expansion of the blog, I've set up two other blogs related to Twilight. First is Rob Pattinson Malaysia, which focuses especially on 'the guy from Harry Potter', now 'the guy from Twilight'. The second one is 'The Malaysian Wanderer', a blogsite dedicated to The Host, a novel by the author of Twilight, Stephenie Meyer.
Thanks again for all your support. I will continue to improve the blog as time goes, up until Breaking Dawn and beyond!


  1. happy anniversary!!! love the blog and thanks to guys for always keep us updated!

  2. Mell, this is soooo sweet!!! frankly i think ur effort should be recognized :-) happy anniversary to twilight malaysia mell!!


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