a funny story

Hey guys. I decided to take a break from the updates and tell ya'll a story...

Right. So one of my closest friend went to see the twilight movie last week, then borrowed the whole book series from me. Now, that friend of mine is so addicted to the series. But that's not what my story is about. But it reminded me of it...

So, my friend now wants to have his own copy of the series. So, I went all over town to help to look for them. As ya'll know, anything twilight related is now mostly sold out. 

Now, on to my story. So, end of last year (or earlier this year, I'm not sure...), I went to a newly-opened bookshop in town. I was browsing through the shelves when I saw this book with an apple on the cover. It was twilight. I wanted to buy it but didn't have enough cash. SO I went back the following day, but can't find it. The bookshop people were re-arranging the books. So I went to ask them. I can't remember much the conversation, but this is vaguely it.

Me: Hi, do you have 'Twilight'?

Bookshop person: By Stephenie Meyer? Sorry, sold out.

Me: Are you ordering more?

Bookshop person: I'm not so sure. (refers to another store person) The books have been banned.

Me: Really?

Bookshop person: Yes. They said that it has these negative elements, so they banned it.

Me: Then what about that 1 copy I saw yesterday?

Bookshop person: Well, that was our last one.

Me: OK, then. Thank you.

So I went out, empty-handed, thinking 'Why the h*ll would they ban that book? No negative element whatsoever..'.

So, I went to check out another bookshop near my house. Surprise, surprise. I found both twilight and new moon there. Banned? Hah!

And so, that was the point of my life when I was converted into a Twilighter, and there was no looking back.

Well, that's my story on how I found twilight.

Tell me yours. How did you find out about the twilight novel?


  1. Well, my friend recommended it to me. Ok wait scratch that. She forced me to read it. :P

    Here's how it went.

    Joanna : Hey Andrea. You've seriously gotta read this.

    Me : Huh? Are you serious? You want me to read a book that has an apple on the cover?

    Jo : What's wrong with the cover??

    Me : It's an apple, Jo.

    Jo : [getting desperate] READ IT! I SAID READ IT!

    Me : [alarmed] Geez fine. Chill man. [snatches the book from her outstretched hand]

    *goes home reads it in one night*
    It was a Thursday that day, and Friday was a holiday, so I reread it a lot of times during the weekend.


    Jo : So?

    Me : Do I really have to give this back to you?

    Jo : [smirks] Sadly, yea. [tries to grab it from me]

    Me : [holds on to it obstinately]

    Jo : Oh cmon! [wrenches it out of my hand]

    So I tried looking for it in bookstores but they're all like frickin' sold out. (Oh yea, this was in March)

    Went to Popular in the old wing of 1 Utama one day.

    Me : [sees Twilight] [shrieks with joy and rushes to it]

    & my mum jumps in fright. :P

    I've been driving my family and friends nuts these past few months cos I keep talking abt Twilight all the time. They blame Jo for getting me hooked onto it. XD

    I think I drove MPH nuts too. Cos before Breaking Dawn came out, I kept bugging them abt the release and stuff. :D Eheh.


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