New interviews with New Moon cast

It's a month to New Moon, and you know more and more stuff will appear to promote the movie, including cast interviews. The cast recently had interviews where they reveal a thing or two. The cast had interviews with MTV. Ashley Green also talked to MTV about her favourite scene in New Moon, involving Jasper and an incident which turns the story around. She also talked about her Porsche scene. Daniel Cudmore (Felix) was interviewed by FoForks, a Brazilian Twilight series fansite, where he discussed his fight scene with Robert Pattinson. First of all, tell us what changed for you after getting the chance to be a part of the Twilight Saga. What would you say are the best things and those not so good about working on something so high profile like this?

Things haven’t changed too much, but you never know once the film is released. One possitive thing would be more doors open up for me, but nothing bad so far.

Almost every single one of the actors have said that the fighting training for Eclipse is really brutal. We know that Felix doesn’t participate on this one but for what you’ve saw in New Moon and for having worked a lot with stunts before, which one of them do you think is suffering more to learn how to kick some serious butt for the big fight scene on the third movie? I’m not really sure which one suffered the most, it all depends on who has the most moves too remember, so it might be Jackson, since he has to teach the other Cullens. Ok, so now about that terrible, horrendous, no-words-for-it scene when you beat the shizz out of The Sparkle One in New Moon, how did you feel about beating up our most beloved creature known as Edward? How did you sleep that night knowing that thousand of hearts had been broken and that now you are the hero of those Twilight widows? (FYI, those who girlfriends and wives were stolen by Mr. Edward and wanted to beat him up themselves lol) Haha, it was a fun fight scene to work on and Robert really liked doing as much of the fight as he could, I slept like a baby afterwards. We’ll see how everyone feels after the movie comes out, and if they don’t like my character, then i did a good job.

New Moon director Chris Weitz also talked to MTV and People about the movie. From People: With New Moon ready to rise in theaters Nov. 20, director Chris Weitz wants it known: He is going to try to make you cry. "We've tried our best to deliver on the romantic scenes in the film, and I would like to be able to produce more tears than any movie before, if possible," Weitz told PEOPLE at the Hollywood Film Festival's Hollywood Awards Monday of capturing moments in the Twilight saga's love triangle. "If we could only weigh them with some kind of cubic tear measure!" Weitz, who took over the directing reigns from Catherine Hardwicke, admits delivering the passion, thrills and heartache in the hotly anticipated sequel wasn't easily done. "I've handled it very badly, because I'm extremely envious of Rob [Pattinson] and Taylor [Lautner]," he said laughing. "What I've realized is that they have a very tough job – not just playing the characters that they play, but living lives that are now very much under scrutiny all the time." He adds, the intense level of attention – including speculation about cast members' love lives – was challenging for everyone. "To be honest, even making the movie is under a tremendous amount of scrutiny now, so that when the cast went back to Vancouver there were cameras everywhere," he said. "Everyone knows where every set is going to be. It goes with the Internet and all the information is out there all the time, and whenever one of them is spotted it's immediately Twittered." The director said he had to resort to some extreme measures to avoid the prying eyes of paparazzi and fans while on location. "I can remember trying to barricade some windows by turning tables over so that they couldn't look in at a cast dinner that they we were having," he admitted. Nevetheless, Weitz thinks the New Moon stars are gracefully dealing with the attention. "I think that they handle it very well really. They're smart kids – I can say that because I'm 40 – and they've got good heads on their shoulders. So they'll be all right." As for himself? "The moment this film is out I go away because no one really knows what I look like," he said. "At least that's my plan!" via Twilight Examiner, Team Twilight


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